The Tech Game: January 2021

Forgotten PS4 Game Officially Cancelled46114.3
Flight Simulator’s fourth world update will be France and Benelux33164.3
Elon Musk’s ‘Cyberpunk is playable in Tesla’ tweets boost CDP Shares37464.3
Microsoft Shares Concerning Xbox Series X Stock Update34584.5
YouTube Adding Popular Twitch Feature on a Trial Basis14054.3
Halo Infinite Devs Say Game Will Be Optimized for Every Platform12643
Epic Games Store reports a surge in users to 160m21904.3
Hitman 3 Developer IO Interactive Confirms New DLC Is in the Works11564.3
Death Stranding Rumors Suggest Potential Expanded Release for PS4/PS501863.3
Thomas Was Alone Comes to Nintendo Switch Next Month22384
Biomutant Developers Detail Why the Game Has Taken So Long02104
Sony has delayed PS5 shooter Returnal ‘for extra polish time’11723.8
GoldenEye XBLA Remaster Gameplay Has Leaked Online41,0223.8
New Steam Game Festival to include over 500 free game demos12344
Sakuna: Of Rice And Ruin Has Shipped Over 850,000 Copies12563.5
Sea of Thieves Can Now Run at 120 FPS on Xbox Series X12454.8
PS5 PlayStation Store Adds Deals Section12504.3
Cyberpunk 2077 fixes game-breaking bug caused by latest patch12213.8
Evil Genius 2: World Domination release date set for March 3012003.5
PS5-exclusive Returnal has been delayed to April01784.5
Sea of Thieves Season 1 Live, Patch Notes Revealed23254.5
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 to Begin Filming Soon13284.3
Scalpers have made $15.2m profit on Nvidia’s RTX 3000 cards53474
Rocket League Takes Things to Gridiron With Super Bowl LV Event01854.8
New Halo Infinite BR, AR Weapon Renders And Art Revealed24764
Epic Games Store Reveals First Free Game for February13334
Rainbow Six Siege’s new code of conduct bans stream sniping12954
Fall Guys devs are working on bringing it to other platforms12143.4
Nintendo Company Handbook Reveals Scrapped Wii Logos13834
New Mario Nintendo Switch Game Possibly Leaked12753.8
EU Calls for Investigation Into Joy-Con Drift After 25k Complaints22224
Genshin Impact Releases New Story Trailer All About Yakshas14493.4
Destruction AllStars State of Play Shows Off Character Skills13704
PS5, Xbox Series X, And PC Part Shortages Won't End Soon, Says AMD02714.2
Lawsuit Alleges Valve Ripped Off Patent For Steam Controller Design02353.6
The Division 2 gets 4K 60FPS update on PS5 and Xbox Series X next week12104.2
New Nintendo Switch Console Variant and Pro Controller Revealed37293.8
Skate 4 is in development at a new EA studio called Full Circle64814
PlayStation Plus Free Games for February 2021 Revealed02983.8
CD Projekt Red rolls out official Cyberpunk 2077 mod tools02853.6
Nintendo Switch Pro Name Reportedly Revealed23464.6
New Persona 5 Strikers Trailer Shows Off the Phantom Thieves in Action13433.6
Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Firebase Z Trailer06184.4
The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Delayed to 202212004.2
Fallout 76 has bumped up stash limits again11583.6
Xbox Series X/S launch was ‘the most successful in Microsoft’s history42603.8
New Rocket League Update Adding Long-Awaited Feature02203.2
The Elder Scrolls Online Reveals More Gate of Oblivion Details11693.8
Xbox Contributes to Increasing Microsoft’s Q2 Earnings11744.6
Rare has detailed Sea of Thieves’ new seasonal progression system12503.6
Project 007 Gets New Details from IO Interactive’s Studio Director03133.8
Xbox Game Pass Game Project Winter Gets Delayed12433.8
The Last of Us Part 2 Is the Most Awarded Game in History12404
Apex Legends Season 8 Trailer Shows New Kings Canyon and Fuse’s Skills14373.8
EA Play is down to $0.99 per month for new members until March12344.2
GameStop: President Biden Is Monitoring the Stock Situation111,3264.8
Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood PC Requirements Revealed12593.8
The Medium – First 18 Minutes on Xbox Series X Revealed02334.4
Half-Life 2 speedrunners beat the game backwards in 13 minutes43294.4
A new VR game from Id Software has been rated01724
Flight Simulator’s UK and Ireland world update has been delayed11813.6
Fall Guys Teases Big Changes in Season 3.5 Update11924.2
Hitman 3 Speedrunner Finishes First Level in Less Than 10 Seconds36564
Halo Infinite Updates Will Begin Arriving Every Month23854.4
Battlefront 2 Sees An Uptick in New Players thanks to Epic Games Store12744.6
Breath of the Wild and Super Mario 64 Merge in This Mod23984.6
Skater XL Optimises and Adds Community Created Warehouse Map12944
Assassin's Creed Valhalla just fixed a pair of quest glitches02603.8
Sword & Shield ban threats for players using ‘modified data’13863.6
Major GTA Online Cheats Site Shut Down After Pressure From Take-Two54573.6
Rust and Everspace 2 lead the Steam top sellers21394.4
Here's what Burnout 3: Takedown looks like inside Grand Theft Auto V22613.8
Guilty Gear Strive Trailer Showcases Story Mode and Online Modes12494.4
Battlefield Insider Comments on Battlefield 3 Remaster Rumors13533.8
Among Us Has Already Sold Over 3.2 Million Copies On Switch34233.8
35 CSGO players banned by ESIC for betting related violations22754
Hitman 3 devs working to bring ray-tracing to Xbox Series X/S12184.2
Dying Light 2 Collector’s Edition Potentially Leaked by Retailer33913.2
Cyberpunk 2077 is the biggest digital game launch of all time42913.8
Xbox Insider Teases Two "Big" Unannounced Xbox Series X Games13354
Nintendo now facing Switch Joy-Con drift lawsuit in Canada12993.8
Stardew Valley patch 1.5.4 fixes some lingering issues12574
Former Xbox Vice President Suggests Getting Rid of Xbox Live Gold04472.8
PUBG's PlayStation and Xbox Update Improves Inventory System23003.6
Diablo 2 Remake is Reportedly in the Works at Blizzard11393.6
Mortal Kombat 11 Reveals Most-Used Characters12343.4
Halo 3 is getting new armour for the first time in over a decade26933.9
Blizzard And Vicarious Visions Merged by Activision12844.2
Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.1 Goes Live With A Handful of Stability & Fixes02964.2
The man behind PlayStation’s online services is set to leave SIE02574
Nintendo Switch is expanding the console market, research suggests12104.2
Leaker says Resident Evil 7 PS5 and Xbox Series X/S upgrade coming13183.8
Halo: The Master Chief Collection Reveals Season 5 Start Date13914.2
Halo Infinite Report Leaks Beta Plans23744
Capcom rebooting Resident Evil 4 remake32944.3
Metal Gear Solid cast has reunited for an unknown project12654.2
Nioh 2 Looks Impressive in 4K PS5 Gameplay Footage13384
Humankind Video Discusses Avatar Customization and AI03233.8
The Division 2 Getting Resident Evil Content13223.8
Activision Blizzard is currently valued at $72 billion33713.5
Newly "Leaked" Naughty Dog PS5 Game Debunked02934.3
Capcom Cup Is Officially Cancelled12234.3
NBA 2K21 Announces New Player Rankings Update02314.5
CSGO update makes a bunch of Apollo map changes02163.8
Apex Legends Season 8 Trailer Brings the Mayhem01954
Resident Evil Village is getting a PC demo in spring02094
Resident Evil Village has RE4-style inventory Tetris12794.3
Nintendo is being targeted with another Joy-Con drift lawsuit03194.3
The Epic Games Store’s next free title has been announced02113.8
Codemasters directors agree to vote in favour of EA takeover02314
Xbox Live Reverses Price Hike After Backlash71,0313.8
Xbox Games With Gold for February Gears 5, Resident Evil, and More34164.5
Rocket League Adds New Arena Until Monday22083.5
Sea of Thieves Season One Release Date Revealed15053.5
Apple Reported to Be Developing Its Own VR Headset47025
New Valorant Patch Makes Serious Changes to One Map12044
Gabe Newell Weighs in on Cyberpunk 2077 Release23553.5
Microsoft Raises Xbox Live Gold Prices121,4274.5
Nvidia Shield now supports PS5 and Xbox Series X/S controllers02154
Hitman 3 has a resolution advantage on Xbox Series X02263.5
Valve responds to EU fine over region locked game keys01984.5
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is Not Coming to Xbox Game Pass12004
Rare Pokemon Blastoise Presentation Card Sells for $360,00015513.5
Gabe Newell says Valve has multiple games in development11833.5
Resident Evil: Village Maiden Demo is Available Now Exclusively on PS523985
Resident Evil: Village Releases in May 202114744.5
PS5 and Xbox Series X Scalpers Targeted by Government Officials24044.5
God of War Studio Hiring For New Unannounced Project11694
Among Us Developer Explains Why Updates Are Taking So Long12814
New Overwatch 2 Map Possibly Teased01803
PS5 faceplate seller ‘threatened by Sony’ returns04563.5
Scalper bot firm claims it secured ‘2,000+’ PS5 orders from Game UK03534
Rocket League and X Games Crossover Announced04113.5
Everspace 2 Looks Gorgeous in Early Access Launch Trailer03554.5
Here’s What’s Coming to Game Pass by the End of January53595
Rust smashes Twitch and Steam peak users records02113.5
Cyberpunk 2077 Patch Finally Comes To Stadia02633.5
Maneater Developer Teases Upcoming DLC News02094.5
Phasmophobia's New Update Eliminates Outside Deaths12585
EA Initially Didn’t Think A Way Out Would Sell02375
Apex Legends Season 8 Arrives on February 2nd03114
CD Projekt responds to another Cyberpunk 2077 class action lawsuit02174.5
Ubisoft Debunks Rainbow Six Quarantine Release Date It Posted02574
Cyberpunk 2077 Is on Deep Discount for PC and Console05903.8
Nintendo Opens a New Twitter Account For Corporate News02453.5
Battlefield 6 is a cross-gen reboot targeting 128 players07654.3
eBay says it’s targeting users attempting to sell empty PS5 boxes12663.5
Cyberpunk 2077 Multiplayer Leaks: Heists, Deathmatch Coming?01923.8
Nintendo Has Sold Almost 5 Million Switches in France33274.5
Overwatch 2 Development Moving “Really Slow” - Report33464.8
Control hits Xbox Game Pass for PC this week02524.5
Naughty Dog Is Actively Hiring for a ‘Very Cool’ Project02694
Here's every Xbox console exclusive releasing in 202124063.8
Path of Exile hits all-time player high in wake of latest update11973.5
CD Projekt Red Studio Head Responds to Recent Cyberpunk 2077 Report13754.8
Major Nelson Celebrates 20 Years at Microsoft43873.5
PlatinumGames hopes to share Bayonetta 3 update at some point in 202102543.8
At Least 2 More Big Unannounced Games Coming to Xbox in 202113194
Analyst Thinks CDPR Has Become a Potential ‘Acquisition Candidate’12893.8
Cloud Climber is a free walking sim about exploring surreal towers12394.3
PlayStation and Xbox Reportedly Looking Into New Studio Acquisitions13143.8
PS5 DualSense Controller Covers Now For Sale13714.3
Cyberpunk 2077 Development Didn’t Start Until 2016, 2018 Trailer Faked39454.3
Tales From the Borderlands Rated for PS5 and Xbox Series X22604.3
Hitman 3 will not import your Steam purchases02093.5
Nintendo Switch Was 87% of Japan's Console Sales in 202012473.5
New Mario Kart 9 Rumor Has Nintendo Switch Players Excited05263.8
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Is Getting a New Zombies Perk25334
Apex Legends Is Nerfing Horizon in Season 802563.8
Highest Rated PC Games of 2020 Revealed By Metacritic03123.8
Call of Duty: Warzone Team Sets Insane New Kill Record14034.3
PC sales are the healthiest they've been in a decade11973.8
Steam Had Over 120 Million Monthly Active Players in 202012404.6
Crazy PS5 Feature Possibly Leaked in New PlayStation Patent06563.8
GTA 6 and Next-Gen GTA Online Details Possibly Leaked in New Patents15204.2
Ubisoft has deployed a huge update for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla03564
Capcom will share Resident Evil news during a showcase next week12124
Half-Life’s engine could be about to add ray-tracing01403.4
Nintendo Switch Dominated Video Game Hardware Sales for 202023994.2
PS5 and Xbox Series X Called Out by US Environmental Organization14004.2
Bungie's Halo Site with Past Stats and Files Is Being Shut Down03194
Epic promises to improve Fortnite Crew membership02094.2
Hitman 3 Switch release date joins the other versions on January 2012014.2
Mario Kart Player is First Human to Perform Nearly Impossible Skip14743.8
Call of Duty Warzone Still Plagued By Infinite Stim Glitch After Patch56874
Rainbow Six Siege Operators Are Coming to Ghost Recon Breakpoint02114.4 Launcher Receives Massive Overhaul03104.2
The Epic Games Store’s next free title has been revealed22734.4
Nintendo Switch Update Makes Subtle eShop Change13224.4
Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2021 date leaks12814.4
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Map Express is Coming Back in Cold War53973.8
New Pokemon Snap Releasing This April on Switch22924.2
Nioh 2 Complete Edition’s PC Version Received More Details01504.4
Call of Duty: Warzone Accused of Being Pay-to-Win With Proof49653
Open World Star Wars Game Details Teased By Ubisoft Job Listing12434.8
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Won’t Be Out Until Spring 202101533.6
Sony Reveals 2020’s Most Downloaded PS4 and PS5 Games13593.8
Epic Games Store Makes Star Wars Battlefront 2 Free12394.6
Resident Evil Beta for Secretive Multiplayer Game Revealed04414.2
Riders Republic Delayed by Ubisoft02563.6
Minecraft 1.16.5 Release Candidate 1 is out12754
Prison Architect’s next expansion goes eco-friendly01274.2
Super Mario 3D World Trailer Details Online Mode, New Content14893.6
Ubisoft Says Avatar Project Unaffected By Star Wars Open-World Game23174.4
Returnal Combat Trailer Showcases Weapons, Devices and Parasites04094.2
Little Nightmares 2 Demo Now Available On PS4 And Xbox One11784
Little Nightmares 2 Trailer Showcases More Creepy Sights13864.4
Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Teases Next Zombies Map13363.8
Lucasfilm Games to continue relationship with EA on Star Wars titles53644.4
Hogwarts Legacy has been delayed into 202243823.8
Judge asked to block Microsoft’s call to pull Xbox drifting lawsuit33474.8
Treyarch Confirms Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Ranked Play63623.4
Bethesda Responds to the Concerns Over The Elder Scrolls 613703.4
Take-Two withdraws bid for Codemasters following EA offer of $1.2bn12194
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Announces New Zombies Map88033.8
Hellpoint Finally Releases for Switch on February 2512153.8
Fall Guys Denies Xbox Game Pass Rumors12774
The Medium RTX Trailer Released for Xbox Series X13633.8
Halo Infinite Reportedly Has Big Team Battle 2.022323.2
Rocket League Asks Players About Removing Boost From the Game13703.6
Popular PS4 Exclusive Coming to Nintendo Switch12554.6
GTA 6 Reportedly Has a Female Protagonist56413.8
Nintendo Releasing New Mario-Themed Special Edition Switch22973.8
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gets Next-Gen Update02863.4
Next-Gen Capcom Game Pragmata Gets Big Delay02534.2
Indiana Jones Video Game Coming From Bethesda12383.8
Mass Effect’s remasters have been listed for a March release02023.8
Details of Warzone’s ‘new Cold War map’ have reportedly leaked88753.2
HyperX Reveals New Xbox Series X Controller Charging Station13714.8
Nintendo Switch Is Now China's Best-Selling Console22213.6
Cyberpunk 2077 Multiplayer Details Potentially Datamined03244
Untitled Goose Game Publisher Explains PS4 Printing Error11793.4
Lucasfilm Games Is the New Brand for All Star Wars Games01773.6
Grand Theft Auto 5 Actors Recreate Lamar Roasts Franklin Scene57464.3
Nvidia introduces the GeForce RTX 3060, out in February59373.8
Dragon Ball FighterZ Shares New Super Baby 2 Gameplay Footage15804.5
New Xbox Series X Pulse Red Controller Revealed14483.8
Twitter Reveals 2020 Gaming Statistics04704.3
No More Room in Hell 2 is Coming Soon, According to Steam12394.2
AGDQ 2021 raises $2.7 million for charity16204.3
Cyberpunk 2077 Devs May Be in Even More Trouble According to Report14953.2
Valorant Reveals New Agent for Episode 203974
GTA 5 sold more than 1m copies in 202022973.9
PlayStation Sold Less Than 1 Million Consoles in Japan in 202012244.2
Future Electronic Arts Titles May Be Cross-Platform, Suggests Patent02943.8
GTA Online Enhanced Edition Leak Suggests Character Transfers28384
Rust Console Edition Gets ESRB Rating05044
New Mario Party Seemingly in Development at Nintendo12764.5
Pokemon GO Generated $1.92 Billion in Revenue in 202034873.8
Dragon Age 4 Producer Shows off More Concept Art01804.2
Grand Theft Auto 6 Speculation Sparked By Email23423.7
PS5 Backward Compatibility Support Adds Another PS4 Game13194.5
Dying: 1983 is Targeting 4K/60 FPS With Ray-Tracing on PS503234.7
Nintendo Insider Drops Major Hint About Pokemon 202113784.3
Xbox Console Update Adds Convenient Social Feature13794.5
Steam Improves Xbox Series X|S and PS5 Controller Support02644.2
The Killzone Website Has Been Retired by PlayStation12583.7
PS4 Outsells the PS5 in Japan, Both the Standard and Digital Combined43283.7
Is Injustice 3 About to Be Revealed?13884.7
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Teases New Zombies DLC78724
PS2-Themed PS5 DualSense Controller on Sale Now45453.9
Phasmophobia Update Adds New Content and Fixes Lingering Issues15483.7
Gotham Knights Has Redesigned Combat To Fit Game’s Co-op Option02543.9
New Nintendo Direct Could Be Happening Soon Based on Website Activity14014.1
Rockstar Games Seemingly Teases GTA 6 Vice City131,3604.4
Twitch Reveals Replacement for Removed PogChamp Emote67003.7
Among Us was the most-downloaded mobile game of 202054543.7
Biomutant release date set for after March 202112014.3
CS:GO update removes bots and players are baffled02704.1
Rust Hits New Concurrent Player Milestone74933.4
The King of Fighters 15 Will Launch in 202112334.1
Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Debunks Rumor About Development Troubles13294.3
EA Sports’ Former President Dismisses FIFA Gambling12514.1
Epic Games Has Acquired RAD Game Tools32384.3
Path Of Exile Developer Gives An Update On The Sequel03054
All the Xbox Series X Optimized Games Available So Far45964.1
Square Enix has delayed its shooter Outriders for a third time12454.4
PUBG Update Adds a Reputation System22224
God of War Creator Expects Ragnarok to Release on Both PS5 and PS412374
Hitman 3 Trailer Shows off the Game’s VR Support25254.4
Call Of Duty: Warzone Players Used Companion App To Dodge SBMM36354
Nintendo Switch Pro Details Possibly Datamined14784.1
Halo: The Master Chief Collection brings back Grifball43073.5
Nintendo Unveils Coin King Special Battle in Super Mario Bros 3503294.3
Epic Games Giving Away Star Wars Battlefront 2 for Free Next Week04624.5
GTA Online Update Adds a New Vehicle and Plenty of Bonuses23664
Among Us Tops Nintendo’s Official Download Chart For December02763.6
Next-Gen Assassin's Creed Reportedly Releasing Next Year33583.9
Steam Update Improves PS5, Xbox Series X Controller Performance22433.9
Microsoft Tried to Buy Nintendo Before Releasing the First Xbox44674.3
Netflix Will no Longer Work on Wii U or Nintendo 3DS From June33714.4
Outriders Delayed to April 1 to “Fine Tune the Game”22324
Mortal Kombat 11 Players Discover MK3 Surprise02364.3
Everspace 2 gets a new early access release date and trailer35943.8
Xbox Series XS Trademark Sparks Speculation75733.4
PS4 Pro Discontinued in Japan43394
Microsoft Says It Will Fix Xbox Series X Controller Disconnect Problem43804
Battleborn will be completely unplayable in a few weeks22623.9
The Medium is Looking Impressive in Extended Gameplay Demo13893.9
New Trailer For The Medium Shows Dual Reality System in Action24164
IKEA Lends a Helping Hand for Console Owners Buying Media Centers45283.8
Riot Games Addresses Recent Uptick In Valorant Cheating Issues22704
Fall Guys is Crossing Over With Doom33294.5
Nintendo will acquire Canadian studio behind Luigi’s Mansion 322094.1
Minecraft Earth servers to close down this June46754
Rare Pokemon Charizard Card Fetching Insane Price at Heritage Auctions91,0454.3
Cyberpunk 2077 Sees Significant Decline in Steam Users44694.5
Analysts expect Switch to outsell PS5 and Xbox Series consoles in 202132824.1
The Last of Us 2 has a Supernatural Easter egg15553.9
STALKER 2 in-engine teaser offers first look at the Zone24843.6
Ys IX: Monstrum Nox PS4 Demo Now Live in the West12264.6
Far Cry 6 Release Date Potentially Leaked36994
Risk of Rain 2 has more than 3 million players43184
Virtuous Games Has High Hopes for Its Future Switch Ports02113.6
Epic spent some of that Fortnite cash on an actual mega mall57574.1
Over 100 million PCs still run Windows 7 a year after support ended34424.1
Microsoft Flight Simulator Shows Off New Snow Effects23584
Rumor: Sledgehammer Games Developing Call of Duty 202157463.9
Football Manager 21 is Fastest Title in Series to Sell 1 Million Units02924.2
PlayStation brand ‘is in decisive decline in Japan’, research firm04023.8
Cyberpunk 2077’s third-person mod is now available24104
The Last Guardian Studio Teases Its Next Game23104.2
Call of Duty Mobile Secretly Nerfs Popular Gun24123.8
Psychonauts 2 update says it's almost finished, will be out in 202132664.3
First Batch of Best Selling Steam Games for 2021 Revealed54974
NieR: Automata Cheat Code Discovered After Nearly Four Years24464
Red Dead Redemption 2 Wins Game of the Year From Steam Users33103.7
IO Interactive Says Square Enix ‘Lost Faith’ in the Hitman Franchise33903.8
File Size of Hitman 3 Will Reduce the Trilogy to 100GB33843.6
Microsoft calls for Xbox drifting lawsuit to be taken out of court67473.6
Sony will discontinue multiple PS4 models, according to retailer34083.9
Call of Duty 2021 Insiders Address New World War 3 Rumor96194.2
Phil Spencer Teases 'Exciting' Long-Term Plans for Xbox32663.9
Cyberpunk 2077 Players Discover Gameplay Detail Many May Have Missed23884.1
Hitman 3’s Opening 5 Minutes Revealed13964.3
Star Citizen Squadron 42 Misses 2020 Beta Window, No Release Date22474.2
What GTA San Andreas Could Look Like on PS5 and Xbox Series X131,2493.9
Devil May Cry Creator Teases Next Game12283.7
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Seemingly Coming to Nintendo Switch12493.6
ZeniMax Media Has Trademarked Possible New Title Hi-Fi Rush01734
Jedi: Fallen Order’s Respawn is working on an original IP21824.1
Black Ops Cold War Player Discovers Bizarre Images Outside of Map121,5043.7
Microsoft Is Trying To Ramp Up Xbox Series X/S Production24523.9
Nintendo Leaker Hints at Big Switch Games for 202115413.7
Bethesda Wanted To Become Part Of A Bigger Company Before Microsoft03134
Halo Infinite Fans Think Fan-Favorite Character May Be Returning03823.9
Steam kicks off 2021 by crossing 25 million concurrent users22104.2
PS2-Themed PS5 Going on Sale This Month99234.1
Xbox Game Pass Teases Return of Fan Favorite Game45633.7
Ninja Gaiden Developer Teases Multiple Announcements For 202122414
The Elder Scrolls 6 Setting Possibly Teased13094.2
Xbox Game Pass is Losing Two Major Fighting Games12394.4
Fortnite Leak Hints at Mandalorian Map Changes02774.2
Phil Spencer says Bethesda critical to Xbox’s progress23564
Nintendo Seemingly Hints at Release Date of Next Console After Switch14624.6
The Elder Scrolls Netflix Series Reportedly in Development44453.7
Epic deploys hotfix to address store launcher bug that hikes CPU12104.1
Age of Empires 4 is playable, needs balance and polish02794.1
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Gets In-Engine Gameplay Teaser04063.9
Stardew Valley just hit a new player count record32273.7
Phil Spencer Admits to Playing Xbox Series S During Work Meetings43464.4
Call of Duty: Warzone May Be Getting a New Map in the Ural Mountains23924.3
ANNO: Mutationem Delayed to Third Quarter of 202112454.4
Phil Spencer - More Xbox Series X Consoles Are Constantly Being Built33124.1
GTA Online New Update Adds Hidden Rewards for a Limited Time22383.9
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Hid a Horrifying 2020 Easter Egg37133.7
Mario Kart Tour's New Year's Event Is Now Live23773.9
Sam & Max Season 2 and 3 Remasters in the Works22914
Ten-Year Study Finds No Link Between Games Like GTA and Aggression42803.8
Nioh Director Says Series Has Reached Resting Point31974.2
Dying light 2 Updates Reportedly Coming in the New Year32733.9
Nintendo Accidentally Lists Then Denies Banjo-Kazooie Release on Wii U53754
Get private, custom Battlefield 3 servers with a new mod44524.4
Team Ninja Will Have Multiple Announcements For 202142393.8
Epic Games Store Partially Fixes Launcher Issue52384.1
Over 100k People Have My Time At Sandrock Wishlisted On Steam43263.8
Cyberpunk 2077 DLC Website Goes Live, Free DLC Arriving Early 202163923.8

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