Resident Evil Village has RE4-style inventory Tetris

Of the many things people love about Resident Evil 4, one of the most notable is its inventory system, which I’m pretty sure is the only sort of inventory management anyone has ever admitted to liking. While the Resident Evil 4 remake was sadly not confirmed at today’s RE Showcase, the spirit of RE4 will live on in Resident Evil Village.

While RE7 had a fully old-school inventory system in the vein of the original PlayStation 1 games, RE8 will have you managing your items in a briefcase, just like in RE4. You can even flip items around for proper inventory Tetris. A separate crafting screen will let you combine items to make medicine and ammo, similar to the systems in many previous Resident Evils.

The RE4 callbacks continue with another mysterious merchant who’ll be selling you items throughout the game. This time it’s a portly fellow named The Duke, who’ll let you purchase new guns, crafting recipes, ammo, healing items, and weapon upgrades.

Check out the new gameplay footage in the video below.

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I really loved the RE4 inventory, it felt like it was somewhere that was safe before I got my head chopped off by the chainsaw guy. Glad to see it make a return, it was like storing items in a briefcase that you carried at all times.

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