Metal Gear Solid cast has reunited for an unknown project

The Metal Gear Solid cast recently got together on one big Zoom call for what Solid Snake is calling "an epic reunion" that will "rock your world."

David Hayter tweeted out the screenshot of the Zoom call, which included a veritable who's who of Metal Gear Solid alumni. Hayter promised "details coming soon" regarding what the Zoom call actually entails, but here's who was involved from the Metal Gear Solid family:

David Hayter - Solid Snake
Debi Mae West - Meryl Silverburgh
Robin Atkin Downes - Kazuhira Miller
Christopher Randolph - Otacon/Huey
Tasia Valenza - Sniper Wolf
Cam Clarke - Liquid Snake
Paul Eiding - Roy Campbell
Josh Keaton - Major Ocelot
Lori Alan - The Boss
Jennifer Hale - Naomi Hunter

The other members of the Zoom call include a rep for Celebrity Talent Booking and what looks like some members of the press, which suggests that something big could come from this. There are no other details, not even a brief video clip, just this single screenshot and accompanying Tweet. As soon as Solid Snake gives us some solid answers about what's going on we'll update you accordingly, but for now you can rest easy knowing the Metal Gear Solid cast has been reunited via the magic of the internet.

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This is really awesome can't wait to hear details.

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