Fall Guys Teases Big Changes in Season 3.5 Update

At this point, it is known that Fall Guys developer Mediatonic will launch a mid-season update for the popular title at some point in the future, but the exact specifics of what Season 3.5 -- which is subtitled "Stop With The Yeets, Name It Anything Else, Just Don't Include The Word Yeet Please I'm Begging You" because Falls Guys -- will include have not yet been revealed. Thanks to a new teaser from the developer, however, we now have a better idea than before.

In short, Season 3.5 will include a totally new level, over 40 variations on existing levels, a new DLC pack, and more. Additionally, the previously time-limited costumes for Godzilla, Sonic, and Untitled Goose Game will be added to the regular store as part of the mid-season update. Given the game's track record, it seems like this teaser is just the prelude to even more reveals in the near future -- including whatever "Fall Feed" turns out to be. You can check out the teaser itself below:

At this point, it is unclear exactly when Season 3.5 will actually launch, but it won't be today. Fall Guys itself is currently available on both PlayStation 4 and PC.

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The changes are looking good.

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