Dying Light 2 Collector’s Edition Potentially Leaked by Retailer

A leaked retail listing may have revealed a Dying Light 2 Collector's Edition, corresponding with dev assurance of new updates this year.

Dying Light 2 studio Techland has been letting fans know that more news concerning the upcoming title. They earlier told PC Gamer that it “will be sharing exciting news about Dying Light 2 soon!” And according to a screenshot of a message that was reportedly posted by a member of the development team in the game’s official Discord Server has suggested that they will be updating players on the game “in the new year!”

Now, thanks to a possible leak of the Collector’s Edition, we may have an idea of what kind of exciting news they were raring to share with us:

The image allegedly appeared on a retail store’s website, although it has since been taken down. According to the image this version of the game is said to come with a variety of extras that the base version itself won’t have. Some of these additional items include a steelbook case, an art book, a flashlight, and a sticker set. The best part of the set is an awesome statue of the protagonist using parkour to attack a zombie.

Pawel Selinger announced that he would be leaving Techland after being with the Studio for over 22 years. Some believed that this meant that Dying Light 2 was losing its art director but Techland made sure to stress that this is not the case.

The studio announced that Selinger was not the lead art director for Dying Light 2 and that those duties were taken over by Eric Cochonneau in November of 2019. Techland spoke with PC Gamer and stated: “We would like to reassure all fans of the upcoming Dying Light 2 that the position of art director is not threatened and has been held by Eric Cochonneau since November 2019. Eric has been taking care of every aspect of the upcoming production ever since and the team under his leadership is doing their best to offer players the best game possible.”

Chris Avellone, one of the game’s writers and designers, left the studio after some sexual assault allegations were surfaced. During Microsoft’s E3 conference in 2019, Techland announced a spring 2020 release window, but the game then was delayed indefinitely in January of 2020.

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Nice to see a collectors potentially coming out.


I didn't think they were coming out with another one, hoping on a soon release.


They need to hurry up and announce this. Been waiting for what fees like forever.

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