Guilty Gear Strive Trailer Showcases Story Mode and Online Modes

Arc System Works’ Guilty Gear Strive is still a few months away and there’s at least one major character left to reveal. While the developer has detailed many of the offline modes, it released a new trailer to showcase Story Mode and delve into the online action. Check it out below.

Story Mode promises to offer a conclusion to the story of Guilty Gear and will have “further evolved direction and graphics.” Not much is revealed, aside from Sol Badguy having to make a tough choice but we’ll likely learn more later. GG World also makes a return, detailing everything there is to know about the Guilty Gear universe. It includes a glossary, chronology and correlation map for the various relationships.

As for the online modes, there’s Quick Start to immediately jump into a fight from the main menu and Player Match for playing against friends. Player Match rooms can have up to nine players at once. Players can customize their avatar, head into online lobbies and seek out other players.

The new Rating System will arrange players into different floors based on their skill, which is determined by match outcomes as well as actions. An outdoor floor is also available for all players to mingle in, regardless of skill level. Of course, the top of the lobby referred to as “Heaven” is available for the very best players. Rollback netcode is also confirmed and will be similar to Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R on Steam.

Guilty Gear Strive releases on April 9th for PS4, PS5 and PC though Deluxe and Ultimate Edition owners on consoles can access it three days early.

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Has a anime feel to it for sure.

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