New Halo Infinite BR, AR Weapon Renders And Art Revealed

As part of Halo Infinite developer 343's huge news blowout, the studio shared a series of brand-new weapon renders and pieces of artwork from the anticipated next-gen sci-fi shooter.

The in-engine weapon renders showcase a variety of popular and familiar weaponry, including the Assault Rifle and Battle Rifle, both of which have received some tweaks based on their appearance in previous games. Other weapons on display include the Hydra, the Needler, the VK78 Commando, and the brand-new Bulldog shotgun that 343 created to shake things up in a big way.

Also on display is some artwork, including new renders of the Drop Wall equipment that can be used in campaign and multiplayer to protect yourself from incoming fire. A render of Master Chief's grappling hook is also available, while 343 separately shared new details on how it works and how you may be able to use it to bring the fight to your enemy.

You can see all of the new imagery in the gallery below. Click each image to see a full-size version, and remember that all of the images are non-final and subject to change. A stunning new piece of concept art is also available immediately below.


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