EU Calls for Investigation Into Joy-Con Drift After 25k Complaints

The EU has seen enough complaints from consumers regarding Nintendo and Joy-Con drift and has called for an investigation on the matter.

The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic device. I think it is the best system Nintendo has ever created and that the company should continue to build on the platform rather than shelving it for something else. However, even with all of the success the system has received and will continue to receive, there has been one major flaw with the device: Joy-Con drift. After a massive amount of complaints and class-action lawsuits, The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) has called for a Europe-wide investigation into the drift issues after getting more than 25,000 complaints across multiple countries.

Per Eurogamer, the organization has submitted its own complaints to the European Commission and national consumer protection authorities in Europe. Those complaints are geared around its rules of “premature obsolescence and misleading omissions of key consumer information on the basis of the EU’s Unfair Commercial Practices Directive.”

The BEUC stated that most of the cases (88%) involving Switch owners reported that they started to receive drifting issues within the first two years of using the system.

The objections come from a multitude of countries including France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, and more.

As for the resolution to these complaints, the BEUC would like for Nintendo to repair faulty controllers at no charge to the consumer. It would also like for Nintendo to inform consumers of the “limited lifespan” of the Joy-Con controllers.

For those of you who are unaware, Joy-Con drift is where the controller stops communicating with the system or begins to control itself. In most cases, one of the analog sticks will act as if it is getting pushed in a direction, causing a camera or menu screen to “drift.”

A class-action lawsuit was first filed against Nintendo back in September of 2019 in regards to Joy-Con drift, which the company has reportedly downplayed.

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that is a lot of complaints just for one single game!


So far still have not had this problem with ours.

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