Humankind Video Discusses Avatar Customization and AI

Amplitude Studios’ Humankind is looking mighty ambitious, offering a massive 4X experience using real-world cultures. The latest video from the developer reinforces this, showcasing the kind of avatar customization that players can have. This includes facial features, hair, mouths and much more. Check it out below.

However, one of the more interesting new features is customizing your avatar to have its own AI or persona. This allows other players to face off against your AI even when you’re not online. Persona customization is divided into eight different archetypes, like how sociable or aggressive they are.

On top of this, your persona can have a “bias”, which is a special trait. Maybe you’ll look for ideological positions that line up with other Empires. Perhaps you’ll stockpile nukes and never give up in battle. There are also “strengths” which serve as passive bonuses for different aspects. Both biases and strengths need to be unlocked through achievements though.

Humankind is currently in development for PC and releases on April 22nd.

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