Resident Evil: Village Maiden Demo is Available Now Exclusively on PS5

Ahead of the game's release in May, Capcom has released a free demo for Resident Evil: Village exclusively for PS5 owners.

During the Resident Evil Showcase from Capcom, the developer gave a closer look at the upcoming Resident Evil: Village with new gameplay footage and confirmed the title’s release in May 2021. Additionally, the presentation also had a few other surprises in store, one of the most notable being a new demo that is available now for those with a PS5.

Capcom announced that an exclusive demo for Resident Evil: Village is available now on PS5, called the “Maiden” demo. As noted during the Showcase, the demo has players taking on the role of a character named “the Maiden” instead of Ethan Winters (the protagonist in RE: Village), and tasks players with trying to escape from its ominous mansion. Capcom noted that the Maiden demo will give players “a real feel for the visuals and audio” that they’ll experience in the final game this spring.

Alongside the reveal of the “Maiden” demo, Capcom also announced that another demo for RE: Village will release across all platforms sometime this spring. Presumably this will give players another taste of the game before its release in May, and will also give Xbox console owners and PC players the chance to delve into the series’ latest installment.

The release of the “Maiden” demo for RE: Village is similar to how Capcom surprise released the “Beginning Hour” demo ahead of Resident Evil VII‘s launch, giving players a better idea of the series’ transition to first-person gameplay. Notably, Capcom also updated that demo over time to include some hidden secrets and clues, so it remains to be seen if they’ll take a similar approach here to keep players coming back to the “Maiden” demo before RE: Village arrives this spring.

Resident Evil: Village will release for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 7, 2021.

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Just watched some of it. Looks bad ass.


wish it was for PC. I would definitely try out the demo

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