New Valorant Patch Makes Serious Changes to One Map

Valorant developer Riot Games has released a new patch, 2.01, today for the popular free-to-play shooter that includes the usual bevy of bug fixes and even a nerf to Jett's smoke, but the main thrust appears to be a fairly significant overhaul of the Split map that opens up certain areas while overall "improving attacker options" across the map.

By and large, the Split overhaul seems to focus on changing up the width and visibility of specific areas from other areas. A number of different bottlenecks have been reworked to be wider with more visibility, and several areas have had their depth shortened in order to allow players to more safely push through them. For a full list of changes, including images comparing the previous version of the map to the new one.

It's hard to say what the long-term impact of these changes might be, but it does show that the developers on Valorant aren't afraid to take a hard look at what is and isn't working about a map. It'll be interesting to see if Split receives any further tweaks and nudges over the course of the next several patches or if Riot Games will wait for a more significant accumulation of data.

Valorant is currently available, free to play, on PC.

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It is good that they bring these patches in so quickly.

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