Hitman 3 has a resolution advantage on Xbox Series X

Hitman 3 on Xbox Series X has a resolution advantage over the PS5 version, according to a technical analysis of the just-released game.

Digital Foundry reports that Microsoft’s flagship next-gen console runs the game at native 4K resolution, compared to PlayStation 5 running it at 1800p and Xbox Series S at 1080p resolution.

“I know Xbox fans have been waiting for a game to come along like this,” said staff writer John Linneman. “So here it is, we have higher resolution on Series X versus the PS5, but they both have the same textures of course.

“I think shadow quality actually was a little bit different. I noticed that the Series X has higher resolution shadows compared to PlayStation 5 and Series S as well.”

In terms of performance on next-gen consoles, the site claims all three versions “barely waver from a 60fps lock from start to finish” with no need to choose between quality and performance modes.

The only exception Digital Foundry encountered was during the Mendoza mission in Argentina, where it was possible to see Xbox consoles run between 50-60fps in a field on the outskirts of the level.

Last-gen systems deliver 30fps instead, except PS4 Pro which offers what IO Interactive calls a 1080p60 “frame interpolated” option.

Hitman 3 released on Wednesday with an issue preventing players from carrying over their progress from previous games, which IO has said it’s working to fix.

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Source: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/hitman-3-has-a-resolution-advantage-on-xbox-series-x/


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