Destruction AllStars State of Play Shows Off Character Skills

Destruction AllStars is out next week, so the team at Lucid Games is giving us a better look at everything coming on February 2.

Destruction AllStars is officially releasing on February 2 as a part of Sony’s PS+ offerings for next month. We’ve gotten several looks at the game, most notably a recent character trailer. Today, the team took a deep dive into showing us even more characters and the modes that will be on offer. You can see the whole thing below as part of PlayStation’s latest State of Play. Check it out.

Let’s start with the characters. As mentioned above, we got a sneak peek at several of them last week. However, today’s video shows off both Pita and Shyft. Pita uses her special skills to take things on the offensive. Whether she’s in her car or not, she can lay down a trail of fire in her wake that damages enemies. Shyft, on the other hand, is more stealthy. He can turn either himself or his car invisible to set up attacks and disappear from his enemy’s radar.

We also got a look at the characters’ on-foot gameplay. We’ve known you’d be getting out of your car for a while, but I have to say I didn’t expect the movement to look so free-form. Every character has seemingly taken a years-long parkour study to become incredibly nimble. You can wall run, vault, and double-jump to your heart’s content.

The team also gave us a look at Carnado and the other modes. The 8-on-8 mode has you trying to earn gears by wrecking your opponents. However, you only bank those gears by going into the Carnado. Stockpile, on the other hand, sounds similar to the classic Tag mode from other extreme sports games. And finally, Gridfall sees the world falling out from under you as you try to be the last player standing.

Destruction AllStars is shaping up to be a fun take on car combat. I don’t know if it will blow the roof off and take over the world, but I think it looks neat. We’ll know for sure shortly as the game launches on PS5 on February 2.

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The characters look pretty interesting.

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