The Tech Game: July 2017

Someone Modded Kermit the Frog into Dragon Ball Xenoverse 22411,8884.3
Minecraft's "Better Together" Cross-Play Beta Has Arrived222,5054.2
Titanfall 2 Officially Joins EA Access And Origin Access151,3184.3
New games releasing this week: July 31 – August 6181,2714.3
Call Of Duty: WWII Shares Its Multiplayer Menu, Teases Ranked Play293,5324.5
More Evidence Indicates Crash Bandicoot Is Coming To Xbox One201,6414.1
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Responds To Stream Sniping Ban111,3644.8
Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Program Now Includes Over 400 Games161,5014.5
Xbox One X Hardware Can’t Run Shooter Killing Floor 2 In Full 4K121,2864.3
Street Fighter Collection Could Be Coming To PS4 And Xbox One87974.6
EwinRacing Hero Series Gaming Chair Review215,8454.6
Super Mario Bros. Game Sells For Over $30,000131,3404.8
Battlegrounds Creator Only Plays “Occasionally,” Says He Isn’t A Gamer121,1004.5
Xbox One X Could Be Getting Bundles With Certain TV’s171,3504.3
Halo 5 Player Recreates NES Classic Duck Hunt As A Multiplayer Game162,3854.2
Destiny 2 DLC Won’t Be Delayed on PC121,4564.6
Destiny 2 PC Beta Starts on August 29th76884.3
Killing Floor 2 Will Run at 1800p on Xbox One X161,2824.4
Try Titanfall 2 For Free All Weekend111,0844.5
Infinite Warfare is free to download and play all weekend on Steam201,4504.4
Modern Warfare Remastered Slammed With Negative Steam Reviews245,1084.3
Spambots begin targeting Xbox Live users316,3464.5
PlayStation Plus Price Rises Internationally91,0294.3
We already know when the next Battlefield game is coming out92,2094.1
Battlefield 1 players can expect a big new reveal at Gamescom 201786864.6
You can now play piano on the Xbox One107,6034.1
Leaked Destiny 2 trailer may have reveal a second social space71,1044.6
Destiny 2 PC Beta Gets Launch Dates and Minimum and Recommended Specs81,2164.5
Modern Warfare Remastered players face the hardest decision ever272,4714.8
Xbox One backward compatibility adds first game from a classic series109184
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ new maps are ‘many months’ away97394.5
Call Of Duty: WWII Getting Special Backpack Bundles91,3544.5
New Destiny 2 Trailer Shows Kill-Tracker Ghost91,8774.3
Google to merge Play Music and YouTube Red121,9444.4
The Sims 4 Is Coming To PlayStation 4 As Well88074.3
Play Diablo III For Free on Xbox One This Weekend108014.2
Modern Warfare Remastered Now Available Separately On Xbox One And PC252,1883.8
DOOM Update 6.66 Gets New Trailer; Free Update Unlocks All DLC111,9294.3
Xbox Game Pass Games for August Announced121,2034.1
Call Of Duty: WWII’s Multiplayer Beta Will Feature All Five Divisions171,4204.5
CoD: WWII Devs Explain How They’re Making Nazi Zombies Terrifying151,4634.5
Free PlayStation Plus games for August include some big names91,1934.3
Nintendo Switch Shipped 4.7 Million Units by June 201778184.2
Need for Speed Payback Gets New Trailer Showing Car Customization101,3024.3
LawBreakers open beta dates confirmed77504.6
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Introducing Paid Cosmetics Next Month131,3834.5
Walmart Begins Sending Cancellation Emails for SNES Classic Edition98054
Xbox backward compatibility just revealed three big new games223,0484.3
Sony: Console Life Cycles Just Aren’t As Long As They Used To Be151,1374.4
Xbox Summer Spotlight program kicks off with rewards on big new games89704
Destiny 2 reveals a new Crucible mode and arena67534.2
GTA Online gets a new vehicle and Adversary Mode106564.3
New Humble Bundle, Featuring Saints Row And More89754.2
NES Classic Bundles Go On Sale, Immediately Sell Out88864.4
Minecraft Nintendo Switch update increases resolution66944.1
UPDATED: Xbox Live Games with Gold for August revealed304,5374.5
Call of Duty: WW2 Dev Promises Authentic Weapon Camos172,0363.9
Phil Spencer on Xbox One X Pre-Orders: “Won’t Be Much Longer”88434.8
Xbox One Gets Free Game Deal, Includes Red Dead Redemption 281,3144.2
Microsoft Exec: We Are Working To Improve Xbox One X’s UI41,2914.2
Nintendo Switch Fraud Is Becoming A Bit Of A Problem57064.3
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Will Give Xbox One X the Edge Over Sony - Analyst111,7324.3
The Sims Makes Its Return To Consoles With The Sims 4 On Xbox One71,2184.3
Destiny 2 Beta Patch 1.04 Released; 1.3 GB Download Required89404.7
Borderlands 3 Being Teased By Take Two?141,6154
PS4 Pro May Not Be The System’s Last Refresh121,4944.4
Red Dead Redemption 2 Not Expected To Sell As Much As GTA 5141,7154.2
Just Cause 3 Fan-Made Multiplayer Mod Explodes On Steam111,3894.6
Destiny 2 Has More Than 50 Cutscenes91,0064
Crackdown 3 for Xbox One and PC Looks Hectic In new Gameplay112,9294.1
Nintendo Switch In Stock At Amazon US, Almost $100 More Than Retail81,3784
Analyst predicts an Xbox One X failure in the near future161,6404
Pokémon Go Finally Has Legendary Pokémon99324.1
Destiny 2 Open Beta Extended Until Tuesday91,0454.5
Call Of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies’ Comic-Con Panel Now Watchable Online71,2784.5
Battlefield 1’s Latest Update Will Let You Try DLC Maps For Free139394
Xbox One’s Flow Of Exclusives Won’t Increase - Insider141,4404.1
Modern Warfare Remastered Finally A Standalone Xbox One Release Date152,5034.3
Destiny 2 Players Can Shoot Down Cabal Ships in Beta121,5144.3
PS4 Named Best-Selling Console for June 2017141,1704.8
Take-Two plans to publish a Triple-A game ‘every year’181,3274.2
Call of Duty: WWII preorder bonus gives zombie killing some flair203,6924.3
Rare NES Game Stadium Events Sells For A Whopping $42,000109194
Gamestop catalog leak shows Fallout 4 coming to PlayStation VR107834.4
Open beta announced for Ghost Recon Wildlands’ PvP mode121,2594.2
Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition Getting Retail Release87094
Tekken 7 Is the Best-Selling Game for June 201796324.5
Xbox One Creators Collection Opens For Testers89844.3
Download Shadow Warrior: Special Edition On PC For Free162,1174.6
DOOM is free this weekend and all its multiplayer DLC is free forever111,0114.3
Xbox software sales up 11%, console revenue declines 29%107084.4
Destiny 2 beta build is ‘months old,’ changes have already been made122,3654.1
Destiny 2 beta glitch gives players infinite super112,0904.4
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds reaches another sales milestone82,2904.4
Call Of Duty: WWII Gets Official Screenshots, Fresh Details192,5624.6
Battlefield 1 update adds new map, Premium Trials, more98834.2
First Call of Duty: WWII’s Nazi Zombies trailer revealed at Comic-Con111,5574.2
Nintendo’s trademark filing could mean a Nintendo 64 mini is coming101,0004
Report: Grand Theft Auto V Won’t Be Getting Any Single Player DLC161,7383.7
New Injustice 2 DLC Character Accidentally Leaked by Xbox Store101,8234.3
New Call of Duty: WWII Zombies Teaser Emerges131,6334.5
First 167 cars in Forza Motorsport 7 revealed108464.4
PlayStation Store’s Totally Digital sale is now live87144.4
Nintendo Switch Online app has launched on iOS & Android95474.4
DOOM to be $15, All DLC Free With Version 6.66141,8124.4
FIFA 14 and Ultimate Team servers shutting down109424.3
Sony Asks for Beta Testers for Next Major PS4 System Software Update119134.4
Nintendo Switch Cartridge ROMs Have Started Appearing Online62,7124.4
Destiny 2’s most elite Cabal enemies detailed in new video71,0114.5
Destiny 2 beta players have already discovered a hidden area71,9984.8
Xbox One owners are getting bizarre error message about My Little Pony154,1194.3
Demolition mode is coming to Modern Warfare Remastered119764.3
Report: Modern Warfare Remastered Could Be Getting A New Map Pack204,4844.4
Xbox One backward compatibility reveals a huge batch of new games132,1054.3
GTA Online update lets you turn a truck into a full-on killing machine101,4624.5
This week’s Deals with Gold and Spotlight Sale revealed109474.5
Popular Battlegrounds Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect gets banned122,6404.3
Telltale Humble Bundle offers almost studio's entire catalog for $1576593.9
Wii U Gets a Surprise System Update, Modders Are Worried121,4234.6
Rumor: Is Microsoft about to open up Xbox One X pre-orders?92,5854.1
Titanfall 2 Getting 4-Player Co-Op Horde Mode for Free71,3404.5
DOOM Surpasses 2 Million Copies Sold on Steam56694.5
Skate 3 is finally playable on PC—but it’s far from ideal134,6694.2
Xbox One X enhancements confirmed for two more of 2017’s biggest games78934.1
Xbox One X isn't worth $500 according to industry analyst161,4164.7
Phil Spencer puts a stop to Xbox One X delay rumors118264.6
New Nintendo 2DS XL Gets a Launch Trailer91,3254.3
Katheryn Winnick to Star in Call of Duty: WWII’s Zombies Mode91,1824.3
Destiny 2: New Weapon Perks Revealed111,5244.5
Nintendo Switch Lines Are Crazy Long In Japan95,3123.9
Call of Duty: WWII Strategy Guide Deployment Kit Announced111,2914.6
Destiny 2 Beta: last chance for pre-order early access111,1664.5
Elodie Young to Star in Call of Duty: WWII Zombies Mode91,0174.2
Battlegrounds Hits New Concurrent Players Record; Tops GTAV181,5454.3
Atari Provides First-Look of its New Console the “Ataribox”242,9334.3
Spider-Man PS4 Trailer Teases Showdown with Kingpin122,1704.5
Just Cause 3’s multiplayer mod is leaving beta98533.8
New games releasing this week: July 17 – July 2391,0783.9
Runbow and LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean are now free99284.3
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trailer Explains the Story99134.2
CoD WWII Zombies Trailer Leaks And The Game’s Developers Are Not Happy234,9854.4
David Tennant Set to Star in Call of Duty: WWII’s Zombies Mode132,7044.1
Destiny 2 beta – these are all the currently known issues71,0324.3
Destiny 2’s multiplayer adds a feature from Call of Duty and Titanfall71,1644.6
Call of Duty World War 2 Zombies Trailer Leaked 5 days early289,2664.5
Sony Will Cut PS4 Price To $249 and PS4 Pro Price To $349 This Holiday111,4004.4
Call of Duty: WWII confirms third-person perspective for one mode137,4904.3
Call of Duty: WWII cryptic teaser site reveals new Zombies details82,0864.7
Earn double XP in Star Wars Battlefront86404.6
Grand Theft Auto Online’s newest jet bike opens up a world of stunts82,0034.1
Phil Spencer Denies Xbox One X Delay, “Still On Track”77914.4
Leak hints at what leagues FIFA 18’s The Journey will feature77744.8
New Nintendo 3DS Discontinued In Europe And North America As Well61,1284
New Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Patch Released; Kill Trading Removed131,7054.2
Xbox One backward compatibility adds the third game this week152,0413.9
Destiny 2: New Crucible Map Vostok Revealed111,4264.9
Xbox Gamescom Plans Include Hands On Time With Xbox One X77954.5
Call of Duty Could Get Its Own Version of Overwatch League111,0793.7
Battlegrounds Upcoming Update Include FOV Slider, First-Person Servers98784.6
Steam Implementing New Recommendations System77094.8
The Surge is getting a free demo77124.3
Oculus Working on New Wireless VR Headset, Costs $20091,5474.2
Xbox One X Successor Already In Development174,0154.5
Destiny 2 Will Sell 4 to 5 Million Digital Copies on PC – SuperData65574.6
New Nintendo 3DS Production Ends In Japan76144.1
New Xbox One Update; Adds Custom GamerPics And More112,6294.5
Logitech Set To Buy Astro Gaming for an Enormous Amount of Money182,0534.3
Destiny 2 beta start times for PS4, Xbox One, PC and pre-orders111,7134.3
Friday the 13th devs talk about single-player mode, tease reveal111,0364.2
Nintendo Switch gets its first video streaming app—but not everywhere87164.1
Sniper Elite 4 getting new DLC, difficulty mode, more77174.4
Rainbow Six Siege gets loot boxes in new update109374.8
The Division PTS invites for Xbox One and PS4 being sent out71,3363.9
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update optimizes planes89614.5
This week’s GTA Online bonuses and discounts71,0044.6
GTA Online’s secret alien mission is easier to trigger than we thought91,0844.4
GTA Online’s new mode combines cars, parachutes, and darts1319,6023.8
Crackdown 3’s map size revealed, and it sounds pretty massive102,2534.5
Crackdown 3 Receives 10 Minutes of Open World Gameplay Footage111,2594.5
PS4 System Software Update 4.72 Released81,4834.6
New Call of Duty: WWII Pre-Order Bonus Announced161,6914.4
The Escapists 2 Launches for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on August 22nd81,0514.7
Call Of Duty: Black Ops III Gets Free Maps For Days Of Summer101,4594.5
Xbox One backward compatibility program adds two more classic games101,6144.1
Humble Capcom Rising Bundle Offers 10 Capcom Titles for $12101,1034.3
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD being removed from Steam131,7534.4
Destiny 2: watch gameplay from the new Sentinel and Voidwalker classes51,6514.4
Star Wars Battlefront II reveals when and what you can play in the beta88104.3
Bungie is making big changes to Control in Destiny 2 PvP46394.2
Destiny 2 has a new feature called Milestones to help newcomers65764.6
Glacier White PlayStation 4 Pro Destiny 2 bundle revealed98244.1
Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy tops UK charts for a second week75034.4
Crackdown 3 Will Get Some “Exciting News” Out of San Diego Comic Con65604.6
Valve Issues Record Setting Ban Wave as Summer Sale Closes141,8484.6
Nintendo Switch kernel unlocked by hackers81,1464.3
Oculus Rift bundle reduced to $400 for a limited time88474.3
New games releasing this week: July 10 – July 1687724.6
Halo DLC is now free on the Xbox Store182,5084.6
Rocket League 2 not happening as sequel131,5674.4
Graphic Card Prices Go Sky High Due To Mining194,3444.3
Star Wars Battlefront 2: Crates And Star Cards Detailed77844.7
Oddworld Creator Trashes Nintendo Switch71,4994.6
Summer Games Done Quick 2017 is over, having raised over $1.7 million101,1664.5
Dead By Daylight's Halloween DLC Releasing On PS4 And Xbox One91,0724.2
Fable Fortune Early Access Delayed on Xbox One and PC56714.5
Alleged Nintendo NES Classic Knock-Off Spotted In The Wild91,3684.5
Xbox Is Too Profitable For Microsoft To Quit The Market – Analyst132,4644.1
Battlefield 1 And Titanfall 2 Being Added To EA And Origin Access111,5734.6
Mario Maker Player Has Spent 1,500 Hours Trying to Beat His Own Stage101,3414.3
Someone Created A Hybrid Xbox One/PlayStation 4 Console255,4844.5
Nintendo Switch Hides NES Emulator in Firmware61,1544.4
Latest Call of Duty: WWII Zombies tease143,7684.6
Rocket League Celebrates 2nd Anniversary with Double Drop Rates68084.7
PlayStation Store top downloads for June revealed77304.4
A Fan Favorite Mode Won’t Be Included In Call Of Duty: WWII111,8804.4
PlayStation 5 expected to achieve 4K, perhaps 240fps according to analyst141,6063.9
Halo Franchise Director Promises “Good Week” For Fans79154.1
Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 gets a debut trailer54934.2
You’ll soon be able to gift games on Xbox One181,5244.6
Steam looks to be getting a UI refresh101,2634
Rocket League Surpasses 33 Million Players; 1.6 Million Play Every Day86004.5
PS5 Will Likely Be Backwards Compatible With PS4 Pro114,5174.3
Halo 5 will be getting an upgrade for Xbox One X119844.3
PlayStation 4 games added to PlayStation Now76424.3
343 just made a huge announcement about Halo backward compatibility111,7314.8
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Trailer Shows “Absolution” DLC111,1884.2
Nintendo Switch Online App Release Date Revealed65934.1
20 Minutes of Assassin’s Creed Origins 4K Gameplay on Xbox One X92,4944.2
Tekken 7 Getting Ultimate Tekken Bowl DLC87294.1
Nintendo Is Working On Several Unannounced Switch Games66984.5
SNES Classic Edition Scalpers Defeated by New eBay Rule41,0393.9
Xbox One X Will Feel Like A Premium PC, Says Microsoft203,4054.5
New benchmarks reveal just how well current games run on Xbox One X51,6034.5
Gears of War 4 July Update Revealed; Original Gears of War Map61,1874.5
PlayStation trophies are getting a small but helpful improvement56644.6
Star Wars Battlefront II leak reveals new characters57404.4
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Gets New Patch; Adds New Server71,1424.1
Call of Duty: WWII Zombies Mode Reveal Coming July 20161,9854.3
World’s Highest Gamerscore Record Passed By New Challenger162,2794.3
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be out of Early Access in “6 months47554.5
Nintendo aren’t interested in putting games on PC at all36034
Rocket League 2nd Anniversary Update Releases Today48854.3
Microsoft Exec Shares First Ever Xbox One X Update Screenshot112,6344.6
Call of Duty: World War 2’s War Mode Will Emphasize Teamwork131,1414.6
Activision’s CEO Discusses Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Timing61,1144.3
Xbox One X Masterminds Explain The Name And How They’re Future-Proofing49524.4
GTA's Secret Alien Mission Can Be Unlocked In-Game Without Hacking71,2684.2
GTA 5's Liberty City mod cancelled due to Rockstar's modding policy71,1174.1
iPhone 8 might include 3D face recognition technology161,5064.3
Activision aren't concerned which Call of Duty you play as long as you play142,1214.2
Sony Takes Down Xbox One X Anthem Footage From PlayStation YouTube111,2484.3
This Week's Xbox Deals With Gold Features Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan67794.4
Nintendo SNES Classic Mini orders limited to one per customer on Amazon61,5454.2
Nintendo Switch Will Outsell Xbox One This Year, According To analyst161,5054.7
The Division’s first Classified Gear Set may be unbeatable112,3814.3
Call of Duty: WWII planning a reveal for San Diego Comic-Con 2017107924.4
‘Nintendo Has Surprised Me,’ Says Former Xbox and PlayStation Exec65454.1
Overwatch data miners reveal info on next event and competitive season61,6514.2
Call of Duty: WWII is not coming to Nintendo Switch65364.3
HAVIT HV-KB390L The Thinnest Lightest Backlit Mechanical Keyboard97,0304.2
Here’s your first look at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ new map121,6894.5
Five Nights at Freddy’s 6 has been cancelled141,8924.3
Mass Effect: Andromeda Drops to $20 on Sale at GameStop101,1234.1
Microsoft Explains Why Gamers Should Buy Xbox One X Over The PS4 Pro243,3924.5
Red Dead Redemption PC Emulator is Making Slow Progress93,6894.6
UK Charts: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Debuts on Top96234.6
Destiny 2 open beta dates finally announced by Bungie142,0484.3
God of War PS4 Will Not Abandon The Story of Previous Games65984.3
Anthem PS4 Teaser Trailer Has Xbox One Button Prompts81,1924.4
Microsoft Responds To Criticism Regarding Lack of AAA101,9434.7
Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 Will Debut at RTX Austin89443.7
New games releasing this week: July 3 – July 989124.5
Leak: Switch could get two long overdue features71,0624.3
Destiny 2 reveals how vaults will work in the sequel81,5354.6
Call of Duty WWII Headquarters offers a great feature for scorestreaks81,4364.2
Players will get plenty of warning before games leave Xbox Game Pass141,6604.6
Turn 10 more or less confirms Forza Horizon 4 is coming next year141,7154.4
Infinite Warfare glitch turns sniper rifle into the most insane gun173,0494.7
Call of Duty: WWII devs break down all the multiplayer trailer secrets91,2714.6
Call of Duty: WWII’s variants are cosmetic—but there may be a loophole132,1634.6

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