Destiny 2’s most elite Cabal enemies detailed in new video

Destiny 2‘s Red Legion- a formidable faction of the series’ Cabal race- are on display in the latest IGN First video, hosted by combatants design lead Tomonori Kinoshita.

Lead by the sequel’s primary antagonist Ghaul, the Red Legion is stacked with enemy varieties that are not to be trifled with. The Legionary and Phalanx are returning from the first game, updated for the sequel with new gear and abilities, like the Phalanx’s shield which can now extend to cover its allies. The Red Legion boasts several new enemies as well, such as the Gladiator that wields dual Cleavers to relentlessly harass players at close distances, and the War Beasts that hunt in packs to swarm targets.

Fans can check out these enemies and more in the video below.

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Pretty cool - dissapointed I missed the beta though.


Beta was okay but im sure the actual game will be better


Looks quite fun. Im looking forward to seeing how this game performs as a final release.


Cant wait to play the Beta when i get in from work , not going to get much sleep tomorrow i see.


Pretty cool, just started playing the beta and it's fun.


Still no match for me, can't wait!


Destiny 2 beta is good so far but its getting old hopefully they add more over the next couple days