Grand Theft Auto Online’s newest jet bike opens up a world of stunts

A new tier of motorcycle in Grand Theft Auto Online is changing the game, both in criminal undertaking and pulling off some seriously sweet stunts.

GTA Online‘s recent Gunrunning update introduced some of the game’s craziest modes of transport to date, but none offer quite the opportunity for style as the Pegassi Oppressor, also known as the Jet Engine Bike. Since the update launched, the internet has been inundated with gamers showing off their most outlandish moves aboard the new bike. One notable video by YouTuber TheIvaneh demonstrates the shenanigans players can get up to with some friends, some Oppressors, and a cargo plane.

Landing the bike on a variety of other vehicles and surfaces seems to be the most popular pastime for Oppressor thrill seekers, as YouTuber GTAmissions and friends task themselves with similar challenges.

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Looks cool will give it a try, wonder if its better than the jet car.


Honestly they should just release GTA VI instead off adding all this random new shit. Most of it looks like their running out of ideas for GTA V.


Rockstar is getting so desperate it seems, with all these add ons, GTA is so dead now, how ever the bike does look pretty cool, but guess what I just know is going to be over priced like everything is in GTA.


I havent played GTA in awhile but I might start getting back into it!


Been playing it alot on PC more than console. If only we had friend's like this though, mine blow each other up and just do the first thing that come's to mind. Attention span is short for sure hahaha


I'm missing out on all of this as it keeps on saying an error =, moving on the missions looks really fun. I need to work my GTA5 game.


Man I've gotta start playing gta again, missing out on all this new stuff.


Them bikes look like they would be a good time and those people playing together seemed like they was having a fun time trying to ride on that plane lol I need to play with those guys.