Graphic Card Prices Go Sky High Due To Mining

Mining Is going Sky high and so are the Graphic Card Prices, the Requirement for many Graphic cards are Increasing every day, this has a major effect on the prices and stock of the Graphic Cards, Whats more Interesting Is that the Companies are working to release their Mining Cards, so overall this means they are also bringing back the Cards for the normal day Gaming User.

Popular Mining Cards.
R9 390
R9 390x
RX 480
GTX 1060
RX 570
RX 470
RX 580

Lets talk about the current situation, at the moment there is no RX 480 Graphic Card available to Its original release price, the Release price of RX 480 was around $250 for 8gb and $200 for 4gb and at the moment the MSI RX 480 Costs $500+ on Newegg and Amazon, the most annoying part Is that they are completely out of stock, there is almost no RX 480 available on Amazon at a suitable price, and some are more than $600

The R9 390’s are out of stock from the past 3 months, because the 390 are really good for mining but they require too much power comparing the 480s, some 390s are $500+ on Amazon, but even finding $500+ card is impossible, since they are out of stock

Meanwhile the 1060 Original release price was around $280 for 6gb variant and $200 for 3gb variant, but wait what?, currently the 1060 GIGABYTE XTREME Edition costs $500, and G1 gaming costs $400+, apart from GIGABYTE the Asus cards weren’t far, they also cost $410+, and many other aftermarket 1060’s are out of stock.

so that does make sense, that how rapidly the card prices are going sky high, we can save a bit more and get at least GTX 1080 or GTX 1070 Instead of RX 480/GTX 1060, because spending $500 and $400 on 1060 and RX 480 Is really going to be stupid, meanwhile the R9 390s are outdated, 480 and 1060 seems to be better choice though mining won’t let you buy that.

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Supervisor Prices are quite high so im good

Good thing I don't have to worry about this. My pc is fine the way it is.


Id rather learn to make my own then pay


Prices are quite high so im good


Some stupid prices lol, ill give it a pass thanks.


Maj Miners are stupid why pay for expensive Graphics cards when you can buy ASIC chips for a lot less lmao

If you were even informed on the current mining craze Ethereum, you would know there are no ASIC chips for it. I have 5x 480s and before the market crash I was making $57 a day. Bought mine at $260 from a bestbuy. Im already profiting.


For those saying "pay this kind of premium for a lower-end card" and "expensive Graphics cards when you can buy ASIC chips for a lot less"; this isn't the case. a) They buy the cards for retail price - b) The demand for the card spikes and as a result, the price raises - c) People attempt to sell their old/used cards for the inflated price which often isn't bought at - d) Some miners buy directly from retailers for retail price as they get the cards in stock.


Miners are stupid why pay for expensive Graphics cards when you can buy ASIC chips for a lot less lmao


I was planning on upgrading from my GTX 970 but guess I need to save a little bit more now. :/


What "miners" are dumb enough to pay this kind of premium for a lower-end card? Not to say that the cards ARE low-end, but it seems idiotic to spend that much on a 1060 when the 1070 and 1080 are just a little more. Same thing with AMD cards. Also where are the prices being pulled from? If it's eBay that makes sense because I don't think the cards' prices would be rising so much if they were from the official retailers.


Good thing I upgraded my PC a little while back, sucks that this is happening though.