Steam Implementing New Recommendations System

With thousands of new titles hitting the platform every day, Steam dominates the PC marketplace thanks to its expansive lineup of games, though the company has addressed that it is working towards improving how users will find games that match up with their interests with a reworked system for recommending titles.

During a talk at Unite Europe 2017 (via Gamasutra), Valve product designer Alden Kroll gave a look into how Steam is planning to rework the Steam Store and its recommendations system to both improve the discoverability of games for the benefit of developers, while benefitting consumers in giving them more accurate game recommendations on what to purchase.

Specifically, Kroll explained that the company is taking the approach of providing customers with “the tools they need to be able to customize and personalize their store,” which will include being able to control and filter which types of content that a customer is and isn’t interested in. The retooling of the recommendations will include replacing the current systems in place on the Steam storefront, while other plans to tweak the system include looking at both the titles in a user’s Steam library and the amount of time devoted to each game played.

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Steam is cool for some games I play like GMOD but much prefer Xbox.


Eh; I dont really care for steam


Never been a big fan of steam.


Cool addition, hopefully I'll see some cooler games other than indie games, however it could be due to having indie games in my library.


Steam gives me so many annoying pop-ups.


Recommendations have never been accurate for me.
Hopefully this fixes that issue


Won't have an impact on me, still waiting to see more on the new Steam UI though