Xbox One backward compatibility adds the third game this week

Thanks to Microsoft’s backward compatibility program for Xbox One, players can enjoy titles from the Xbox 360 era on their latest consoles. With new games added on a regular basis, fans can expect the genre diversity to be high, as seen in the latest fighting title to join the fold, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.

Microsoft’s Major Nelson shared the latest backward compatible game in his usual fashion through a Twitter post, seen below. The Arcade Edition acts as an update to Street Fighter IV‘s already high-octane experience the franchise is known for, with new fighters, in-game modes, and bonus stages.

Players with a digital copy of the game will find it ready to download on their Xbox One systems, while those with a physical disc can also download the game once it’s inserted into the console. Super Street Fighter IV is also available for standalone download in the Xbox Store for $30.

This marks the third game this week added to Xbox One’s backward compatible titles, coming after shooter Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon and the racing game F1 2014. The full list of current games available can be found on Major Nelson’s site.

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I only have two questions. Why? And, who actually plays these games that they make backwards compatible?


Not a game that really interests me. Where are you MW2?


Super Streetfighter IV doesn't really appeal to me a great deal probably will never play this.


Never played it, probably won't be.


Not a game I'm interested in playing.


Dezz Just waiting for MW2.. Gonna be hype

You'll be waiting a long time for that. Activision is gonna for sure pull a MW:R with the MW2 remaster, by bundling it with next year's full game.


Just waiting for MW2.. Gonna be hype


Only a couple hundred left, for titles to be added


they added super street fighter 4 a while back but that games pretty bad, im glad they added the arcade edition, its way more fun.


I like that they're adding these types of games might have to pick it up :)