Need for Speed Payback Gets New Trailer Showing Car Customization

Today Electronic Arts released a brand new trailer of Need for Speed Payback showing off one of the title’s most relevant features: customization.

Completing events will let you win performance parts. The higher you place in the rankings, the more you get. Then you can visit a tuner shop to customize your car however you like, both in its visuals and in its performance. According to the trailer, when it comes to customization, “everything is achievable with time and skill.”

“Everything” might actually be a bit of an exaggeration, since there are no procedural elements in the feature, but it certainly seems to come with a lot of depth and breadth.

We also see how players can find abandoned relics in the game’s world, and then they can find the right parts to upgrade them from scrap to stock to supercars.

You can check out the trailer below, narrated by Rav ‘The Alchemist’ Chaudhry.

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Lets hope this is some sort of redemption for the franchise. Looks smart so far.


I used to love playing NFS on my DS - havent played it since then but lols to have developed massively.


Chigga Didnt even know they still made these games, I remember playing some on the PS2

Carbon was the epitomy of the franchise


Gonna be giving this game a try for sure. I haven't tried it yet.


Didnt even know they still made these games, I remember playing some on the PS2


Can't wait to play another chapter in the need for speed series. Always have been one of my favorite games.


Such a dope trailer, much looking forward to playing Need For Speed again, didn't like the last Need For Speed so hopefully this one is alot better.


A new trailer ? Surprising. Fun game


Not played this NFS, may have to give it a go. Looks pretty good!


I havent played a NFS game in a while, but I will definitely be giving this one a try!