Just Cause 3’s multiplayer mod is leaving beta

Nanos GbR, the team working on the fan-created multiplayer mod for Just Cause 3 have announced that it will officially launch on July 20th, 2017.

“We at Nanos are an enthusiastic team of coders from Germany, Austria, and the U.K. who have worked towards releasing Just Cause 3 Multiplayer for more than a year,” the team writes on the mod’s Steam page. “Our goal is to bring multiplayer to the next level by allowing the players themselves to build upon our work!”

The mod, which has been publicly available in beta form for quite a while, lets players take part in races, deathmatches, skydiving, and freeroam with up to hundreds of players on each server. It also makes use of “state-of-the-art synchronization” to reduce lag to a minimum.

Just Cause 3‘s multiplayer mod will be available as a free download from Steam next week, but you’ll need a copy of the original game to play it.

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Source: http://www.egmnow.com/articles/news/just-cause-3s-multiplayer-mod-is-leaving-beta/


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Didnt get to try it out - rip.


Looks great. I wish I could try this out ;(


Looks pretty awesome, defiantly be giving this ago.


Coders like these are what makes a game so good, this will add an entirely new aspect to the game and will be great for those wanting it.


Seems like a neat mod to try out.


JC3 was a gun game to play, I have it on PS4 but will be definetly pick it up on steam too, 100 player's, In a destructible world, I like the sounds of that


Wow that looks like a lot of fun, might have to pick it up on PC.


Not played Just Cause in forever. Never even heard of this mod, but it looks crazy!


Looks cool, i'll be giving this a try when it releases. I haven't played Just Cause 3 in a while.