Spider-Man PS4 Trailer Teases Showdown with Kingpin

An all-new trailer has released for Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man, showing some behind-the-scenes footage of the development team creating the superhero game that fans have been waiting for. Alongside new gameplay footage and some intriguing developer commentary, one new image might be our first clear look at Wilson Fisk himself – AKA The Kingpin.

It’s just one shot among many but the gun-wielding crimelord is fighting in a setting that looks extravagant enough to be the Kingpin’s lair. Insomniac Games has confirmed that Wilson Fisk will be making an appearance in-game, but this might be our first chance to see the fan-favorite in action as Spider-Man takes on the crime boss in a flashy and destructible environment.

The trailer also reveals the incredible effort that the developer is putting into making this Spider-Man game one to remember. The team clearly has a passion for their project, which seems to really come through in the footage that we’ve seen so far, but means that the game’s release date is still far off.

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Why did it have to be a PS4 exclusive? Looks really good. Shame.


Used to play an old spiderman game on PS2 I believe and I loved it, hopefully this is as good.


Game looks amazing. I would love to play it.


Was really impressed with the Spider-Man when it was revealed at the E3 this year, looks a fantastic game.


Too bad PS4 exclusive because this game is looking fantastic


Looks like it would be a fun time


Gonna be picking this up for sure, Remind's me of AC fighting, it's looking great, Throwback to Spiderman game's that had clouds above the street's to stop you from going down there ;)


Only if it wasn't an exclusive :(


Looks fantastic, definitely gonna pick this up for the graphics, stunning.


Game looks amazing can't wait to play it