Call of Duty World War 2 Zombies Trailer Leaked 5 days early

Even though the official reveal of Call of Duty: WWII Zombies is on July 20, it appears the reveal trailer for the mode has gone online earlier than expected.

Sledgehammer Games and Michael Condrey have both tweeted out that the trailer leaked is not the final trailer. The team at SHG are hard at work on the final version, and it will be shared soon.

'We’re working hard to finish the official Nazi Zombies trailer. Please respect the craft & avoid spoilers today, final trailer coming soon'

The Zombies Reveal Trailer shows that the map is called “Army of the Dead.”


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Looks so sick. Can't wait for the release of the full trailer


Looks awesome, cant wait to see full gameplay of it though


Looks good but will probably just be a let down.


Got a killing floor vibe to it


Looks pretty intense. Can't wait to play some more zombies.


Looks so horrific, I love it already


I wonder if they'll be working with Treyarch for the storyline. I mean like WW zombies is definitely because of Treyarch, so why not get tips from the best in the genre.


I want this to be more like Dead Space in the ways that you are terrified of what's behind that door. I miss those days.


Even if it wasn't a gameplay trailer, that was still a damn good execution to picture how graphic and the dark twist they've added. I'm hooked


I think i'll be picking this game up for the PS4. Going back to its roots may make COD fun again for me