DOOM Update 6.66 Gets New Trailer; Free Update Unlocks All DLC

Developer id software and publisher Bethesda Softworks have released a new trailer showcasing the recently released update 6.66 for its intensely gory first person shooter DOOM. The new trailer, which can be seen below, goes over all of the features that come with update 6.66. The game has sold exceptionally well on PC since its release and has maintained a ‘Very Positive’ rating among Steam players. Our very own Ryan Meitzler awarded the game with an 8 out 10 rating.

The new update, which is currently available to all players for free, offers a number of changes. The revised progression system makes changes to when and how players unlock additional guns, demons, equipment, and all player and weapon customization options. Rather than relying on the random unlocks, items will now unlock through specific leveling requirements or through in-game challenges that players can complete. However, the new multiplayer progression system will reset all players’ multiplayer level back to 0. The new update is not exclusive to PC players, all DOOM players can download the free update now. Lastly, the latest update also unlocks all multiplayer DLC currently available in DOOM absolutely free.

DOOM is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Players can pick up the game for 50% off on Steam until July 27, 2017 10:00am PST.

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Update for DLC is pretty nice! And the game 50% on steam.


Bought this game way back and never got into it, not worth it IMO.


game was a let down, not much to expect from this


Just bought this game the other day and actually REALLY into it..


Doom has always been one of those games that I could just sit back, crack a beer open and have a good time. Hoping this new update will bring in new players so I can put the whoop ass on em. (;


I've had room for awhile now and I must say it ain't all that bad, sadly I have still not beat the campaign because I hardly play anymore.


I bought the game since it was on sale for 14.99 and I can tell you it's been fantastic. Still haven't beaten the campaign but so far it's pretty damn good.


By watching the trailer, does look really good, might have to give this game a try.


Tried this game the other day great fun! Love the gore


Will definitely be hopping on & playing later, DOOM is a ton of fun & all the DLC is free now!