Destiny 2’s multiplayer adds a feature from Call of Duty and Titanfall

A rash of recent Destiny 2 Crucible videos have given us some insight into how PvP multiplayer is shaping up ahead of the beta’s launch. So far, we know that fast-moving Supers are easier to track, how some of the subclasses have changed, and what some of the maps look like.

Most importantly, however, we now know that Destiny 2 is including a mechanic that’s pretty much a given in many modern shooters like Titanfall and recent Call of Duty games but was absent from the first Destiny: mantling.

As you can see in this GIF, players can now jump up to ledges and pull themselves up to platforms instead of slamming into said platform and falling back down.

While this might seem like a minor addition, this mantle mechanic could may have a pretty major impact on level design and the overall flow of matches. As soon as you let players travel vertically, it opens up design choices in terms of map lanes and gives players more freedom in regards to how they approach enemy players.

In addition to this new mechanic, several existing class-specific changes have also been introduced to PvP. The Striker Titan’s shoulder charge, for instance, will be in Destiny 2, but it will not result in a one-hit kill when a player connects with an enemy, and the Warlock’s healing rift will actually add an extra bar of armor in addition to healing the player if you stand in it long enough.

You can test out these changes for yourself soon enough when the beta goes live, starting with the early access PlayStation 4 beta on July 18th. However, you may want to prepare yourself for some choppy waters.

Destiny 2 is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6th, with a PC release scheduled for October 24th.

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Wow very nice feature they added!


This is a nice little addition IMO


Cool that they're adding this, looking forward to the beta.


Feel like it's gonna make level design a lot more intricate, harder to get used to but more fun once you get the hang of the maps layout.


Oh god that's all we want to see is a added feature from both games. I hope it's not noticeable? Not a lover of Destiny 2 to be honest. I was struggling with Destiny 1. lol


I don't think it was even that noticeable without it in the game but nice to know they're adding it in.


Never noticed mantling wasn't in Destiny. What a major thing to add and to not have, it makes a game a lot different IMO