Destiny 2 beta – these are all the currently known issues

With the Destiny 2 beta days away, Bungie has outlined a number of issues players may run into.

The developer said that this has to do with it being a beta build, which is to be expected. Some of the problems may interrupt gameplay, whether due to server instability or other bugs.

The biggest and most obvious one is networking issues, something you’re bound to run into in a stress test like this.

Other issues include location names not appearing in Crucible matches, bugs related to joining an in-progress game of the Inverted Spire strike, missing localisation for some content, and more.

Here’s the full list as of the time of writing:

Players may experience a variety of networking error codes when attempting to play the beta
Bungie will be testing server stability throughout the beta, which may cause error codes to appear periodically
Location names sometimes do not appear during Crucible gameplay
Players sometimes are kicked to orbit after witnessing a black screen when entering a Countdown match
Players may sometimes be placed at the beginning of the Inverted
Spire strike when joining in progress
Sandbox balancing is still taking place: some weapons or abilities may have higher or lower damage than intended
Not all content has been localised in all languages
If you encounter any network related issues during the Destiny 2 beta, please follow our network troubleshooting guide to ensure proper network settings for Destiny gameplay

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Im sure all these issues will be fixed by the actual game release.


Hopefully these are ironed out before release so there's no day one patches


Wonder if we will get a special item on the 6th for playing in the beta


To be expected with a beta, hopefully they get resolved soon.


Expected for a beta, excited to play.


"Bungie has outlined a number of issues players may run into." - Well that's why we as a community have a Beta to test for bugs and what not for the game?! A lot is needed to be fixed but that will son be paid off when the game release is out.


My Beta code didn't validate for some reason, I'll try to get another today.