Friday the 13th devs talk about single-player mode, tease reveal

Friday the 13th: The Game can expect news on the game’s single-player mode soon, after it launched this past spring as a multiplayer-only experience.

A single-player adventure was teased for the game following its launch, but the developers made little mention of the feature over the following weeks, likely due in part to the game’s post-launch technical issues. These issues apparently didn’t stunt the developer’s focus on the single-player update, as Gun Media reportedly told GameSpot that news would be dropping for the mode soon.

“Thankfully, due to the huge amount of support we’ve received from fans, our team has been able to expand work on future content to coincide with our focus on fixing performance issues. We are incredibly excited to share news very soon, including more on the upcoming single-player mode that will be available at no additional charge.”

It is currently unclear how the game’s single-player will work. The multiplayer involves one player hunting down seven campers, each controlled by other players, but hopefully the single-player doesn’t simply adopt the same template and replace the seven campers with bots.

The developers are currently striving to make one of these campers into a character played by Gloria Charles in Friday the 13th Part 3D, but the actress’s unfortunate passing and the developer’s inability to find her estate’s contact information has inspired them to turn to the community for help.

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Brilliant game and good to play on your own unlike so many.


single player sounds good. i really wanna try this game too


single-player mode would be great, still, havent had a chance to play this game yet.


I really believe the single player this early was a huge push for their PR move and that's it. Right now the devs have been in some hot shit over a favouritism ban, that one of them lied about, brought it over to Reddit and one of them said they would start banning anyone who talked negatively about it. That alone got the devs mod status on r/F13thegame removed and it caused one admin and one mod to step down because of where the community had gone. THEN the dude who lied ended up getting doxxed alongside his family and the whole thing spiraled out of control. Suddenly single player is coming out and people have for the most part let the fires die down, except for the usual bitching about teammates, [this and this needs to be fixed] topics. I'm glad single player is coming out, but I think they're rushing it out now as a PR move considering what happened, just so they can try to salvage their reputation before it falls apart. Hopefully the single player wasn't so rushed that it's way too buggy as multiplayer had and still has quite a few glitches; with Xbox seeming to being ignored for an update when Steam and PlayStation got one 10 days ago that fixed a lot of exploits.


This looks cool, hopefully it comes out soon and it's not as buggy as the MP was.


Campaigns are always fun, Love playing them in spare time haven't tryed Friday 13th yet but dieing too


I have always been a big fan on campaigns in games so will be nice to see.


This will be fun to see happen. They really need to focus on multiplayer though before anything for singleplayer. I bet this will be just as broken as MP.


I was going to buy this game for a pre-order game but couldn't as I was broke and I CBA now to buy it for the PS4 as I'm saving up for a PC, but this looks exciting news for the gamers out there that do play this game.


Gonna have to pick this game up soon, all my friends have been playing it, missing out on all the fun.