The Tech Game: March 2023

The Last of Us Part 1's PC Port Gets Slammed by Steam Players43894
GameCube and Wii Dolphin Emulator Is Coming To Steam24453.7
Xbox Backwards Compatible Game Shuts Down Online Services24154.5
Tekken 8 Trailer Showcases Jun Kazama, the “Light of Hope”34545
Resident Evil 4 Remake Players Warned of "Critical" Game-Breaking Bug23074
Nintendo has announced a Tears of the Kingdom Switch OLED console23724
Counter-Strike 2 – Idling Won’t Increase Limited Test Entry Chances22455
Cyberpunk 2077 Confirms Long-Awaited Feature Is Not Happening44473.6
Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake May Launch in 202422503.6
Google Wants to Replace QA Testers with Artificial Intelligence23283.8
11 Members of Congress Accuse Sony of Unfair Business Practices22624.6
GTA 6 Leaked Screenshot Reveals Huge Map31,2484.6
To The Surprise Of Nobody, E3 2023 Has Been Canceled77054
Rumor: Classic GameCube RPG is Getting Remastered34363.8
Diablo 4 Players Call for Gem Storage Quality of Life Improvement22603.8
Is God of War Ragnarok DLC or Sequel Being Teased?22494
Elden Ring Player Beats Malenia At Level 1 Without Rolling22594.4
Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Gameplay Image Leaks Online25893.8
Ubisoft Will Not Be Attending E3 This Year43054.2
Assassin's Creed Mirage Delayed To 2024, Claims Leaker33734.2
Resident Evil 4 remake Separate Ways DLC plans may have been uncovered23803.8
Far Cry 5 Crosses 30 Million Players32144.6
Crime Boss: Rockay City is Out Now With a Launch Trailer24154.6
MultiVersus Going Offline in June, Full Launch Planned for Early 202422013.6
Fortnite’s Original Map Is Already Being Recreated In Creative 2.034833.2
Dead Cells: Return To Castlevania Seems Due For A PS5 Release22023.8
World of Warcraft Player Uncovers Secret Vault Room23954.2
Ubisoft says its Ghostwriter AI program will not replace game writers23034.2
Minecraft Player Spots Strange Detail About Xbox Achievement22583.8
CS:GO's next Paris Major will be its last21554.6
Diablo 4 Appears To Be Killing Some Nvidia RTX Graphics Card34714
Final Fantasy 16 Trailer Showcases the World of Valisthea32614
Cyberpunk 2077 Will Add Path-Tracing Support in April21803.6
SYNCED Launches for PC in Summer 202322154.2
Microsoft Denies Pulling Any Games From PlayStation22724
Microsoft Quietly Cancels $1 Xbox Game Pass Subscription Offer43474
CSGO Breaks Steam Record Amid Counter-Strike 2 Reveal23534.7
GTA 6 Leaks Are Being Taken Down41,1213.7
Diablo 4 Players Divided Over "Shameful" Part of the Game22743.7
Steam Game With 'Very Positive' Reviews is Free Right Now23884
LEGO 2K Drive Will Feature Microtransactions22853.7
Super Rare GameCube Games Listed for Sale at Absurd Prices24124
Nintendo shows 10 minutes of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom gameplay26594
Dying Light 2 To Receive Combat Overhaul In New Update Next Month33794
The Lord of the Rings: Gollum finally has a release date33893.3
Counter-Strike 2 Could End Matches If A Cheater Is Detected43574.3
Bungie Confirms Lance Reddick Will Feature In New Destiny Content22844.3
UK Says Microsoft, Activision Deal Won't Hurt Console Market23654
Resident Evil 4 The Mercenaries DLC Coming April 722653.7
CS2 Hackers Emerge As Valve Reportedly Prepares New Anti-Cheat25364
Xbox Denies Canceling Redfall for PS523574
Resident Evil 4 remake is the series’ biggest Steam launch to date24304.7
Spider-Man 2 Insider Comments on Massive Leak23923
Nintendo Insider Leaks New Luigi's Mansion24634.7
Tekken 8 Gets New Trailer Showing Off Jack-8 Gameplay23734.7
Redfall Developer Explains Why it Doesn’t Run on Unreal Engine 523303.7
Witchfire Trailer Outlines Spells and the Four Core Elements23064
Diablo 4 Open Beta Update Warns of More "Lengthy Queue Times"23973
Soulframe Gameplay Shown Off During Warframe Developer Stream32784.3
Respawn's Star Wars FPS Game Will be Inspired by Dark Forces22603.7
Destiny 2 Planning Changes to Root of Nightmares Boss24634
Ex-Rockstar Games Boss Next Game, Everywhere, Gets Awesome New Trailer26974
Next week’s free Epic Games Store title has been confirmed22783.3
Unreal Engine 5 Update Shown Off in New State of Unreal Presentation25934.3
Sonic Origins Plus Officially Announced For June23294.3
EA Loot Boxes Are Not A Form Of Unlawful Gambling, According To Judge33224
Sonic Frontiers Update May Have Leaked New Playable Characters25083.7
Atari is acquiring retro remaster specialist Nightdive Studios33794
Elden Ring Update 1.09 Adds Ray Tracing Support22713.7
New Switch system update improves stablility, updates banned words24154
Left 4 Dead 3 Reference Found in Counter-Strike 2 Files22403.7
Planet Zoo Announces New Tropical DLC Pack23604
Sony Was 2022’s Highest-Ranking Game Publisher31904.3
Silent Hill 2 Remake Release Date May Be Sooner Than Expected22845
Counter-Strike 2 Dev Cautions to Watch Out for Scams Involving Beta33644
Little Nightmares Creator Reveals Teaser Image for New Game22873.5
Street Fighter 6 Developer Match Shows Lily and E. Honda Duking it Out22483.5
New Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Info Seemingly Coming Soon22554
Marvel’s Midnight Suns Trailer Breaks Down Morbius’s Abilities22814.5
Redfall Was Previously in the Works for PS523724
New Final Fantasy 16 Gameplay Sparks Debates22733.7
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Update Changes Polyatomic Camo25944.3
Sonic Frontiers Crosses 3 Million Units Sold23375
Halo Infinite now blocks graphics cards with under 4GB VRAM23184.7
Mirror’s Edge Is Not Being Delisted After All22363.7
New PS Plus Premium PSP Games Have Trophy Support22524
Hellblade 2 Shows Off Incredible Facial Animations Using Unreal Engine23534.3
Diablo 4 Open Beta Issues Will Improve the Game’s Full Launch23144
Arkane is working on reversing Redfall's always-online requirement22134
Dwarf Fortress has now racked up 600,000 copies sold on Steam33223.7
Rumor: Nintendo Switch 2 Leak Reveals System Specs26714
3D Donkey Kong Game Reportedly Still In Development At Nintendo25124.7
Minecraft Update 1.19.71 Fixes Nintendo Switch's Loading Bug23874
PlayStation’s Spider-Man 2 will release in September, actor claims21923.3
Microsoft says Sony could create Call of Duty competitor in 10 years34254.3
Minecraft Teases Another Ocean Update23104.7
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Reveals New Story Trailer23583.3
Netflix says it has 40 more game releases lined up for 202325033.7
Respawn has opened a third studio to work on Apex Legends22863.3
Respawn Wants Apex Legends To Last For 15 Years33164.3
Minecraft Players Make Giant Map Spanning Their Entire World33914.3
Control Sells Over 3 Million Copies, Over 92 Million in Revenue22103.7
Brutal Dead Space Bug Removes Isaac’s Armor and Weapons22663.7
Resident Evil 4 Remake Release Date, Time, And Price26414.3
Total War makers open a third development studio22874
Fallout 4 Player Gets Every Achievement in One Sitting23863
New Lego Racing Game Is Reportedly In Closed Beta22464.7
Valve is Giving Steam Wallet Credit to Some Recent Steam Deck Buyers22803.7
Suicide Squad's Divisive Aspects Will Not Change Due to PS5 Delay22043.7
Magic: The Gathering's Black Lotus Sells For Record-Breaking $540,00024394.3
Counter-Strike 2 Carries Over Skins and Bans from CS:GO68414.3
Player buys every Wii U and 3DS eshop game ahead of store closure23334
Resident Evil 4 Remake Will Reportedly Receive Paid DLC This Year23504
PUBG 2023 Roadmap Includes Ranked Changes And New Map23634.3
Starfield Rated R18+ in Australia Due to “High Impact” Drug Use42993.7
Sifu Has Sold Over 2 Million Copies Worldwide22054
Counter-Strike 2 Announced By Valve With Summer Release Window33324
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Developer Teases Exciting New Feature22553.7
F-Zero GX Remaster Rumored To Be In Devlopment22014.3
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC May Add Pauline And Diddy Kong23263.7
Project 007 Will be an Origin Story for James Bond23473.7
Epic Is Testing A Standalone Zero-Build Version Of Fortnite22473.7
Rust developer cancels community event due to death threats33093.7
Diablo 4 Developers Promise Better Queue Times And Server Stability33163.3
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is Getting the Free Tower of Treachery DLC33713.8
Possible CS2 Trademark Filing Adds Further Fire To Sequel Speculation24734.8
11 minutes of gameplay from its Layers of Fear remake revealed22874.3
High On Life Teases New Content “Coming Soon”22604.8
Sea Of Stars Announces Xbox Release Date For This August32783.8
The Elder Scrolls 6 Will Be Xbox Exclusive Claims Sony98773.8
GTA Online May Have Revealed a GTA 6 Character36354.6
GTA 6 Map Leak Shows How Massive Vice City Will Be92,7244.3
CSGO Source 2 conspiracy theory makes a bizarre kind of sense24144.3
Tekken 8 – King Dominates in Explosive New Trailer23334
Valheim Exclusive to Xbox for Only Six Months33114
EU regulator delays decision on Microsoft’s Activision deal23583.4
New FIFA Game is Happening Without EA43973.8
The next free Epic Games Store titles have been announced32544
Steam Bundle Deal Lets You Get $146 Worth of Games for Just $735243.8
Diablo 4 Confirms Nvidia DLSS 3 Support With New Trailer23354.4
Xbox 360-Style Controller Will Soon Be Available For Xbox Series X/S34003.5
Former EA veterans form new studio, Fuse Games22944.6
Nintendo adds new Game Boy, SNES and NES games to Switch Online35174.4
Far Cry 5 Teases PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X|S Upgrades43353.4
Redfall Trailer Details Story, Major Villains, and Much More23123.8
Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Launches for Steam on April22284.2
Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep is free to keep on Steam23064
Forspoken Development Reportedly Cost Over $100 Million33974.3
Left 4 Dead 3 Potentially Teased in New Leak68213.8
Sony Admits Xbox Game Pass is ‘Far Ahead’ of PS Plus32644
Resident Evil 4 Remake DLC Teased by Leaker46483.8
Xbox Game Pass Confirms Yet Another Day One Game for April 202332974.3
New art for Dying Light dev's next game suggests parkour might return21794.3
Need for Speed Unbound Volume 2 Update Announced32883.5
Cities: Skylines to Get Final DLC Releases Starting on March 2232703.5
Total War: Warhammer 3 Gets New Video Showcasing Chaos Dwarf in Action22783.5
YouTuber Makes World's Largest 3DS35533.5
Minecraft Java Update 1.19.4 Makes Changes to All Potions33163
Microsoft’s Next-Gen Xbox Console Already in the Works46333.5
Remnant 2 is Out in Summer 2023, Handler Class Revealed22714
Valve says an OLED Steam Deck would be more work than people assume43444.6
Valheim Features 60 FPS Mode on Xbox Series X/S, 40 FPS Mode Planned22834.2
FTC lawyers want more info on Microsoft’s 10 year deals23904
Bleak Faith Devs To Replace Elden Ring Animations22494
Assetto Corsa 2 is Targeting Spring 2024 Launch22473.8
A prequel to The Last of Us was planned at one point22304.3
Stalker 2 developer asks fans to steer clear of leaks after hack32964.5
Hogwarts Legacy has topped Elden Ring’s lifetime sales in the UK32603.8
Street Fighter 6 Gameplay Shown Off in Zangief vs. Marisa Dev Match23583.2
CSGO Source 2 beta could be soon, as Valve makes private updates33744
Sony points to Starfield as why Microsoft can't be trusted with CoD22753.8
PlayStation 5 Pro Console Reportedly Releasing Late 202433653.8
Microsoft says more Call of Duty deals with third-parties will follow22363.8
The System Shock remake has been delayed until May22233.5
Study: Over 721 million passwords were leaked in 202244313.7
Tekken 8 Gameplay Trailer Confirms Marshall Law for the Roster22244.2
Hi-Fi Rush Trailer Highlights Critical Praise21974
New Major Hitman Game On Hiatus22164.3
Unannounced EA Game Could Be Revealed Soon22373.7
Dead Island 2 Game Length Revealed23854.8
Next Nintendo Switch Online GBA Game May Have Leaked23713.8
Activision insists Call of Duty Mobile will be supported long term23644.3
Naughty Dog May Not Be Handling The Last of Us on PC22554
Dead Island 2's FLESH System Is Even Cooler Than You Think46823.8
Diablo 4 Developer Has “No Plans” for Game Pass Release23133.2
Nintendo President Predicts Switch Still Has Strong Years Ahead23783.5
Mundfish Is Reportedly Planning To Develop Atomic Heart 222524.3
Mafia 4 May Still Be In Pre-Production, Job Posting Seems To Indicate33253.5
Silent Hill 2 Remake Developer Defends Konami22363.8
Atomic Heart Patch Adds FoV Settings, Bug Fixes, and More34093.7
Elden Ring Player Beats Game Without Walking57173.8
The Last Of Us Multiplayer Could Also Arrive On PlayStation 432513.8
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Developer Has Been Enduring Constant Cyberattacks22613.7
Online Shooter Lemnis Gate Will End Service This Summer31663.8
Hogwarts Legacy Has Been Played for Over 406 Million Hours21853.3
Soulcalibur Remastered Collection Might be in the Works32023.8
Spyro Rumor Claims New Game Is in Development43324.2
Guilty Gear Strive Reveals New DLC Character And Stage33123.7
Minecraft Legends Video Discusses Visuals, Art Direction, and Piglins32783.5
The Elder Scrolls 6 Could End up Coming to PS5 After All43194.3
Starfield Will Utilize A Handy Control Function From Fallout 442124
Streets of Rage 4 – Massive New Update Adds New Co-op Moves23924.2
Google Stadia’s cloud service has also been shut down43294.2
Next Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Update is Coming at the End of April44903.6
Don't expect Valve to launch the Steam Deck 2 anytime soon42603.6
Microsoft Activision Deal Facing Tough Challenge in UK – Report43894.6
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Teases Upcoming World Tournament DLC33164.2
Overwatch 2 Developer Will “Give Insight” on 2023 Plans “Soon”22323.8
The Perfect Dark Reboot May Be Making Major Change to Gameplay22873.8
Horizon Call of the Mountain Accolades Trailer Highlights Critical Pra22525
Two Point Campus ventures into the metaphysical with new DLC21534.6
The Outlast Trials will finally launch into early access in May23744
Forspoken Sales Have Been Lackluster – Square Enix32783.8
Tchia Gameplay Video Details Combat, Totem Shrines, and More22924.3
Microsoft Confirms it Will Not be Present at the E3 2023 Show Floor64243.7
Epic is planning more ‘major’ Epic Games Store exclusives34184.5
Tekken 8 gameplay trailer reveals Paul Phoenix gameplay22823.7
Gears of War 4 Was Nearly a First-Person Shooter33814.2
Google Working With Publishers on New Cloud Gaming Projects23174.2
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Will Receive Five New Characters In Future Waves45113.7
Steam Spring Sale 2023 Starts on March 16th34724.5
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has been dated for PlayStation and Xbox22433.8
The Last of Us Part 1 PC Features and Specs Revealed43613.8
Starfield's Release Date Was Reportedly Chosen By Bethesda33184.3
New Capcom Dinosaur Game is a Day One Xbox Game Pass Title23413.5
E3 opens industry registration and claims ‘AAA companies’ will appear24903.9
The next free Epic Games Store title has been revealed22204.1
Paradox Teases Sims Competitor Led By Former Sims Developer22954.4
PS5 Has Sold 3 Million Units in Japan, Outpacing PS3 and PS422124.1
Starfield's Delay Breaks a Major Promise From Xbox32943.9
Halo Infinite Removes Fan-Favorite Maps and Modes in Season 344704
WWE 2K23 MyGM Mode Detailed in New Trailer33684.1
Microsoft expects CoD Mobile to be ‘phased out’ for Warzone Mobile56774.9
Microsoft Says it Will Allow Sony to Put Call of Duty Games on PS Plus46103.7
Starfield Gameplay Reveals New Features, Enemies32794.4
Resident Evil 4 Remake Day-One Patch Will Adjust Rain Effects44424.3
Rare Pokemon Card Goes To Auction For $480,000, Gets Zero Bids65404.1
Microsoft Addresses Xbox Game Pass Price Increase Concerns57054
Battlefield 2042 Adds Mirror's Edge Easter Egg in New Map33603.7
Escape from Tarkov Shares Interesting Detail About Cheaters33584
Cities Skylines 2 will destroy your metropolis like a disaster movie43784.4
Valve Clarifies Whether a New Steam Deck Is on the Way22203.7
Xbox Reveals Summer 2023 Showcase Date31914.3
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Will Receive New “Exclusive Look” at GDC32823.9
Sony Has Another $5.1 Billion to Spend on Investments and Acquisitions44334
Hogwarts Legacy’s latest patch includes quest, audio and DLC fixes32953.7
Sony claims Microsoft could release buggy CoD games for PlayStation139933.9
The Ascent Sells 1 Million Copies Worldwide31724
Further Counter-Strike 2 Evidence Uncovered In Latest Dota 2 Update22824.4
Mass Effect Discovery Has Big Implications For New Game33314.2
Rare to release Sea of Thieves documentary for 5th anniversary31654
Microsoft has announced & launched the Velocity Green Xbox controller44943.5
Sniper Elite 5 is Adding New Weapons and a New Mission22673.5
Halo Infinite Season 3: Echoes Within Content Detailed22723.3
eFootball 2023 celebrates 600 million downloads33683.7
Cities: Skylines 2 will have hailstorms, infestations, & 150 map tiles24653.7
Half-Life Fans Are Remaking Cancelled Game, Return To Ravenholm23334.8
Europa Universalis 4 DLC to overhaul some of the most popular nations23564
HBO’s The Last of Us Defies Trends as Viewership Continues to Soar32273.8
Fortnite is reportedly getting a first-person mode next season33984
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Leak Reveals Possible New Drivers24824.2
Cities: Skylines II is out later this year, will also hit Game Pass22884
Switch’s successor faces backwards compatibility challenges23233.8
Hogwarts Legacy for PS4 and Xbox One Delayed to May 542694
CS:GO Breaks Player Count Record Once Again Amid Sequel Rumor22404.7
PS5 Sales Surged An Outrageous 316% in the UK Last Month22144.3
New Dragon Ball: Budokai Tenkaichi Game Announced22063.7
Sons of the Forest Dev Confirms Highly Requested Feature Is Coming46624.4
New Perfect Dark Rumor Says the Xbox Reboot is "Not Close"21644.5
GTA 6 Announcement Coming This Year, Targeting 2024 Launch – Rumor45943.6
Final Fantasy 16 is Not Running on Luminous or Unreal Engine22313.5
Vampire Survivors Developer Gives Update On Likelihood of Sequel23154.3
Free Demo For Dredge Now Available On Switch22393.9
New Final Fantasy VII Remake Concept Art Revealed by Square23263.9
Crime Boss: Rockay City Trailer Shows More Combat and Gameplay33943.8
Star Citizen Gameplay Video Showcases Underground “Playgrounds”22963.9
Dr Disrespect Doubles Down On Blockchain Games33424.4
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Gives A Glimpse Of Upcoming Yoshi's Island Course23084.1
Starfield Confirms September Release Date32804
GTA Online’s Success is “Nothing We Ever Expected,” Developer Says33583.6
Anno 1800 Goes Free For An Entire Week Later This Month22943.9
Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon servers for the Wii U are offline14804.1
Counter-Strike 2 Will Reportedly Be Launched As Soon As This Month34043.8
Rumor: PS6 Console Design Will Be Led by PS5’s Mark Cerny22623.8
Senua's Saga: Hellblade II gets a new dev diary22214
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Insider Confirms DLC Leak25514
Sons of the Forest Devs Detail Plans for New Enemies, AI Improvements23254.1
Halo Infinite's Forge has spawned over a million creations22364
Rumors Of Switch Successor Coming This Year Continue To Pile Up22433.6
Pathfinder maker bans AI-generated art, text in its games22104
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Enjoys Steam Concurrent User Count of Over 75K21933.6
Octopath Traveler 2 Highlights Critical Praise in Accolades Trailer23444.3
Gamer Claims Wii U Consoles Can Be Bricked By Not Playing Them Enough24684.1
Game-Breaking Hogwarts Legacy Glitch Traps Players Inside a Table24734.5
EA Sports PGA Tour Has Been Delayed, But Early Access Is On The Way22344.1
Respawn's Creative Director Is Leaving EA22214.3
Skate Showcases New Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage in Insider Playtest44043.8
PSVR2 to Receive Renewed Competition from Meta Quest 323043.9
Half-Life 3 Writer Reveals Why He Regrets Leaking Game's Story23554
Valve just enabled native ray tracing on the Steam Deck33083.4
GTA Online Developer Tease Big Plans for 202355283.8
Avowed & Hellblade 2 Reportedly Xbox Games Lined Up After Starfield21994
A Concept Trailer From 2012's Canceled Doom 4 Appears Online22293.3
Forza Horizon 5: Rally Adventure – Full Map Revealed34224.1
Rumor: Major Xbox Exclusives Are ‘Miles Away’ from Release22943.9
Valve: every third Steam customer uses Windows 1121784.1
Metroid Fusion Is Coming To Nintendo Switch Online Next Week22593.9
A Dead by Daylight film is in the works21844.4
The Simpsons: Hit & Run Was Pitched As "GTA For Kids"54413.9
Tchia Is An Epic Games Store Exclusive On PC23244
Halo Infinite Infection Mode Details and Gameplay Footage Leak24094.3
Sons Of The Forest Player Beats The Game In Under 8 Minutes43243.9
Nintendo Fuels Switch 2 Rumors by Shutting Down Leaker23684.5
Armored Core 6 Reportedly Launching In September32504.3
Minecraft Reveals Name Of Huge 1.20 Update34014.1
Footage Of A Minecraft World Editor For Consoles Has Been Leaked33664.6
Xbox's Acquisition of Activision Blizzard Just Became Much More Likely65474.1
New Counter-Strike Game Potentially Leaked By NVIDIA Driver Update22403.3
14 minutes of new Dead Island 2 gameplay has been released23474.3
50 Cent Hints At His Involvement In GTA 634553.6
Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor Announced, Launching This Year22303.8
Sony Ordered to Reveal Trade Secrets to Microsoft57314
Call of Duty Exclusive DLC Will End With Microsoft Activision Deal55303.8
Final Fantasy 16 Received Development Support from Sony22123.4
Epic Games Store’s next free title has been announced63293.9
PS5 Reportedly Topping Xbox Series X/S Sales by Nearly Double23143.8
With PS5 Sales Booming, Sony Was AMD’s Biggest Customer Last Year22274.2
The Wolf Among Us 2 Delayed32303.7
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s director has his sights set on a trilogy22054.1
Gears of War Developer Hiring for New Game32874.2
Rise of the Ronin Has Been in Development for 7 Years22103.4
Elden Ring DLC Release Date Might Be Further Away Than Expected22723.3
Hi-Fi Rush Surpasses 2 Million Players21754.1
Xbox Reveals How It Will Handle Exclusive Call of Duty Content24474
EA has reportedly laid off over 100 Apex Legends testers33824.1
Xbox Will Have "GoldenEye Type" Announcements Before June Showcase21864.1
Final Fantasy 16 producer would like to release a PC version21623.8
Fallout: New Vegas Remaster Would be “Awesome,” Obsidian Devs Say33104.2
Forza Horizon 5: Rally Adventure – Full Car List Revealed33274
Cyberpunk 2077 is now Steam Deck verified22363.8
Xbox Boss Eases Fan Concerns About Activision Blizzard Deal22294
Xbox Series X/S Has Sold Over 18.5 Million Units, Analyst Estimates22024
Miyamoto says he’s confident Nintendo won’t change after he leaves23303.6
Hitman studio IO Interactive has announced it’s making an online RPG22183.9
Tekken 8 – Jin Kazama Stars in Explosive New Trailer23523.8
New Nintendo Switch Models Reportedly Planned For Release This Year23514
Resident Evil 5 Receives Surprise Patch After 13 Years33414.1
Forspoken Developer Gets Merged Into Square Enix21953.4
Elden Ring Creator Looking To Expand Online In Future Games22114.2
PS3 Gets Firmware Update 4.9047694.3
Escape From Tarkov Taking A Stronger Stance Against Cheaters22324.3
Reports Suggest Nintendo Is Already Planning Tears Of The Kingdom DLC23903.9
Longest Standing Super Mario 64 Speedrunning Record Has Been Broken34084
Paradox has partnered with Xbox for a game announcement show21834.1
Lies of P Will Also Get a Physical Release on Consoles21634.2
Extremely Rare Pokemon Card is Up for Auction for Nearly $500,00055174.1
Starfield Showcase Announcement Reportedly Coming Very Soon24274.3
The Crew Series Surpasses 40 Million Players42194.1
God Of War Ragnarok Nets 7 Wins At The DICE Awards42084.3
Blood Bowl 3 Hasn’t Been Received Well By Steam Players31844
Metroid Prime Remastered Is Sold Out And Being Scalped For $15034053.6
Fable Writer Teases the Upcoming Xbox Game42284
Suicide Squad To Require Online Connection Even In Single-Player52263.9
Escape From Tarkov Investigation Claims 60% of Matches Have Cheaters56273.9
Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle Launches in May, New Screenshots Revealed22103.8
Goodbye Volcano High Gets Official Launch Date In New Gameplay Trailer32704.1
The Day Before Trademark Issues Are Legitimate, it’s Been Confirmed43163.9
Escape From Tarkov cheats addressed emphatically by Battlestate head33524.3
Dark And Darker Announces Another Playtest For This April32124.1

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