Starfield Showcase Announcement Reportedly Coming Very Soon

Bethesda and Xbox are reportedly planning to announce "soon" when the upcoming presentation for the highly-anticipated RPG, Starfield, will be taking place. At the start of this year, Xbox confirmed that it was in the process of planning a showcase of some sort that would be dedicated entirely to Starfield. And while news on this front has since been completely silent, it sounds like this won't be true for a whole lot longer.

Coming by way of VGC reporter Andy Robinson, Bethesda and Xbox's announcement for this Starfield showcase is said to be "imminent." Robinson didn't go on to specify when such an announcement could come through, but based on his wording, it seems likely that we could hear more within the coming days. Currently, Xbox hasn't provided a window for when this event will transpire, but assuming that a confirmation does come through this week, it seems feasible that the showcase could then happen at some point in March.

By all accounts, Starfield is the biggest exclusive that Xbox has lined up to release in 2023. Originally planned to launch at the end of last year, Starfield was later delayed into 2023 and since hasn't received a new launch date. In all likelihood, when this showcase for the game does take place, we should get a new announcement tied to its eventual release. Beyond this, though, the live stream in question will also surely give us our deepest look so far at what to expect from Starfield on a gameplay front.

As mentioned, Starfield currently doesn't have a specific release date, but the game is broadly slated to arrive before the end of June 2023. When it does hit store shelves, it will be playable across Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC platforms.

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always "coming very soon" ffs


Just teasing and teasing all the starfield fans

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