Silent Hill 2 Remake Developer Defends Konami

With Konami experiencing backlash in the last few years due to some shake-ups, Bloober Team's CEO Piotr Babieno has made a point to defend the company in light of the studio taking the reins on the anticipated Silent Hill 2 remake. While explaining Bloober Team's ambitious goals when it comes to future projects, Babieno wanted to also reassure gamers that Konami is still thriving behind the scenes.

Being one of the biggest horror game franchises to exist, Bloober Team stepping forward to helm the Silent Hill 2 remake is ambitious to say the least. Although the developer already has some fairly successful horror games under its belt, like the Blair Witch adaptation, taking on a title as big as Silent Hill 2 is a tall order that will take hard work to live up to many fan's expectations. Speaking at DICE Summit 2023, Piotr Babieno stated his intentions for Bloober Team to be the next big studio name when it comes to horror games, and attempting a Silent Hill 2 remake will indeed help that dream become reality if the developer is able to pull it off.

Babieno also took the time at DICE Summit to defend the major publisher behind Silent Hill 2, Konami. Despite a few bumpy years with the departure of Hideo Kojima in 2015 and rumors of a problematic work culture, Babieno made sure to state that he believes that the people currently running Konami know what they are doing. He also made a small plea to disgruntled Konami fans to give the company time to prove itself again, stating that he has faith in its future endeavors.

If the studio is able to pull this remake off, perhaps more Silent Hill remakes will be on Bloober Team's radar. Continuing the conversation, Babieno claimed that he too made plenty of mistakes during his earlier years at Bloober Team, and sees the studio headed into a new and exciting phase. These sentiments could also possibly be a nod towards where he believes Konami is headed as well after some growing pains.

Based on his remarks, Babieno sounds incredibly confident in the future of Bloober Team and Konami. However, with such a big title being reworked, the studio needs to be careful with the Silent Hill 2 remake since it could possibly make or break the developer. There is a lot of anticipation and expectation behind this remake, and it will hopefully pay off well for Bloober Team in the end.

Silent Hill 2 Remake is in development for PC and PS5.

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they need to remake all the Silent Hill's for the new gen's


Silent hill might be the craziest horror game ever lol

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