A Concept Trailer From 2012's Canceled Doom 4 Appears Online

A new Doom 4 trailer recently leaked online from a 2012 build of the game, showing some in-engine footage from the canceled project, including its demonic enemies and horrifying setting.

According to the source sharing the footage, it is an early trailer that was apparently shown internally during an id Software Christmas presentation in 2012. While we get very few scenes involving the protagonist, the enemy design seems pretty different when compared to the recent Doom titles. In one scene, we see a spider-like demon crawling on the ceiling, looking very much like a Licker from the Resident Evil series.

id Software had started its development of Doom 4 in 2007. The game was originally announced in 2008, but it went into development hell as the new approach in Doom 4 was not the exact direction that the series was built upon. The game was supposed to follow the demons' invasion of earth in a more realistic setting.

According to a documentary released by Noclip about Doom 4's development, the game had a Call of Duty-style approach to the Doom series, which was one of the reasons why its development was restarted in 2011. After that, the studio's focus shifted from Doom 4's concept to Doom (2016), which was almost a reboot. Co-founder of id Software John Carmack left the studio in 2013, and the restarted title's development was put under the watch of Tim Willits.

Although two more Doom titles have been released since the cancelation of Doom 4, the project still remains an interesting topic for Doom fans and the gaming community at large. Although its premise is said to be far from Doom's original roots, the developer could potentially still turn it turn into a spin-off for the franchise.

Currently, id Software's plans for future game development is unknown. The studio has been working silently since the release of Doom Eternal and its post-launch expansions. The latest news from the company was when it delivered the full version of Quake Champions last year.

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they need to bring back Doom the way it was years ago ffs


Doom used to be such a good classic. I feel like the new one killed off the franchise though.

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