Resident Evil 4 Remake Will Reportedly Receive Paid DLC This Year

Resident Evil insider Dusk Golem recently shared a new tweet claiming that Resident Evil 4 Remake is supposed to receive a paid expansion called Separate Ways that might be released by the end of this year.

Separate Ways was originally a side campaign in Resident Evil 4 that allowed players to take the role of Ada Wong and experience her survival through the events of the game. Separate Ways was released as free content for the original game, but now the Resident Evil insider believes it will be paid expansion in the remake version on top of free updates like Mercenaries and PlayStation VR2 support.

Although Resident Evil 4 Remake includes a Digital Deluxe Edition at the moment, the upcoming content for it does not refer to any post-launch expansion or season pass. So, if the report turns out to be true, Capcom might announce a higher-tier edition of the game in the future to include the DLC as well, much similar to the Shadow of Rose expansion that was released for Resident Evil Village last year.

Resident Evil 4 Remake will be released this Friday, March 24. The game has already been released to the media, and it has received stellar reviews so far, making it one of the highest-rated titles of 2023 on aggregators such as Metacritic and OpenCritic. The game will be available on both current-gen and last-gen consoles when it launches as well as PC. However, Xbox One is excluded from the release list. A free demo is currently available across all platforms, allowing players to try out the game before making a purchase.

According to Capcom, Resident Evil 4 Remake will receive a day-one update intended to fix a number of issues, including the game's weird rain effect that annoyed many players in the demo version by obscuring their vision to an extent that it was difficult to play the game.

Similar to Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil 4 Remake will also use Denuvo anti-tamper on PC. The former was eventually cracked by hackers despite using Denuvo.

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the paid DLC has to be worth the money, and not to expensive for the players ffs


Paid dlc is always better but they could come up with somthing better.

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