Blood Bowl 3 Hasn’t Been Received Well By Steam Players

Blood Bowl 3 received a "Mostly Negative" review badge on Steam only a few days after its launch, with most players blaming the developers for not polishing the game before launch and criticizing its messy UI/UX system. Only 27% of the reviews are positive at the moment.

First announced back in 2020, Blood Bowl 3 was delayed multiple times before its recent launch, which is the main reason why the community sounds quite angry about the current state of the game. Despite the fact that the game featured a beta session months before its release, it seems Blood Bowl 3 has not changed a lot in the direction of feedback, with some reviews suggesting that the game has not made any significant progress compared to the build that was tested in the beta phase.

Following this huge backlash, Blood Bowl 3's developer Cyanide shared a new post ensuring fans that all bugs and technical issues will be addressed as soon as possible. "The functionality of the game is our main priority and rest assured we will do our best to address any bugs or broken elements as soon as we can," reads the statement.

When it comes to the monetization system, however, the developer rejects the critics, claiming the current system is fair and rewarding. "This is something we tried to communicate ahead of the launch, but we intend to implement features allowing players to be rewarded either with cosmetic items or Warpstone through play as well as purchase," Cynide explained. "We know that we will probably not be able to convince all of you but we truly believe that our system is fair, rewarding and optional and that’s understandable."

The developer also revealed that due to a Steam issue, all players have incorrectly received the Brutal Edition of the game, regardless what edition they had originally purchased. Of course, this brings additional items and free in-game currency for players who had only paid for the Standard Edition. Cyanide will not take back the 1,000 Warpstones that were incorrectly given, but the cosmetics items will be taken away from players who had not bought the Brutal Edition originally.

Cyanide also ensured fans that Blood Bowl 3 is aimed to become a constantly changing game with lots of post-launch content to come. "Blood Bowl 3 will be a game that is ever-evolving," said the developer. "We have big plans and ambitions for Blood Bowl 3 and these initial stumbling blocks don’t change that."

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I wonder why lmao deff not my type of game


throwing out games for the sake of trying to make money nowadays is not the good way


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