Avowed & Hellblade 2 Reportedly Xbox Games Lined Up After Starfield

In the most recent episode of the VGC podcast, journalist Andy Robinson spoke on what many consider to be the underwhelming output of first-party exclusives from Xbox, and while doing so, he stated that, to his understanding, the next Xbox games set to release, following the launch of Starfield later this year, are Avowed and Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2.

He doesn't specify which game he understands will release before the other, but, for whatever it's worth, he does reference Hellblade first. Such an order would make sense, as Hellblade 2 has already gotten a gameplay trailer, back in the 2021 Game Awards, while all we've gotten of Avowed was the brief cinematic trailer seen below, which was part of an Xbox showcase all the way back in July 2020. It's been radio silence since.

Thus, Avowed seemingly being next-next in line is quite surprising. The VGC podcast further suggested that these two games may be the focus of the already confirmed Xbox presentation slated for this Summer. They were described as "the next big things that they'll be talking about."

Avowed is a first-person fantasy RPG being developed by Xbox-subsidiary Obsidian Entertainment. There was a lot of excitement from Xbox fans following the game's announcement, as Obsidian has had a great track record with its RPGs, with titles such as South Park: The Stick of Truth, Fallout: New Vegas, and The Outer Worlds. Many are foaming at the mouth to see Obsidian's take on a first-person RPG set in a fantasy world, with some already comparing it to The Elder Scrolls.

Robinson also spoke on other first-party Xbox titles that are in development, but he didn't bear good news. He claimed that both Perfect Dark (developed by The Initiative) and Everwild (developed by Rare) are "not close" while the Fable reboot (developed by Playground Games) is apparently still "miles away." The VGC podcast further elaborated that Fable "only recently went into full production," which would be shocking, if true, as the game was announced in the same July 2020 Xbox showcase.

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would be interested in Hellblade 2

first one was absolutely fantastic


Looks kinda cool I been trying to get into other games !

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