Starfield Gameplay Reveals New Features, Enemies

Starfield has gotten a tiny bit of gameplay that fans are mulling over and extracting all kinds of information from. Starfield is easily one of the most anticipated games of 2023 as it marks the return of Bethesda Game Studios making a big, flashy new RPG for the first time since Fallout 4 in 2015. It's also a brand new IP that takes the developer to a genre it hasn't explored before: sci-fi, specifically space itself. One could argue Fallout is a little sci-fi, but this is a whole new level which will see you literally exploring the stars, flying space ships, shooting laser guns, and so on. It all sounds quite exciting and is something Bethesda has been wanting to make for a very long time.

The game was meant to release last November, but got delayed to the first half of 2023. After that, it got delayed again and is now releasing in September. It has been a while since we saw a new look at the game, but we got a taste of it in a new video that confirmed a Starfield deep dive will arrive in June. In the new video, we got glimpses of new alien creatures that will almost certainly pose a threat as well as the inventory menu for the game. Inventory menus are a huge part of a Bethesda RPG and it looks like Starfield will have a very detailed one that fans will be able to pull all kinds of information from. Reddit user Bunnyboycarrot noted that the helmet menu looks to mention all kinds of stats like radiation, energy, thermal, and a lot more.

It's likely this will be our last notable look at Starfield until June. Either way, we will have no shortage of info or footage to mull over this summer. Thankfully, it will also just be a few short months before the game's final release, so we won't have to agonize over the wait for too long.

Starfield will release on the Xbox and PC on 6 September 2023. You can download the latest Starfield trainer and cheats for free from WeMod.

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does look really good. just hope it is like that when it's released in September


It's just being to overhyped


I was honestly really hyped for this game but after watching the video it looks like a worse version of Fallout, maybe it will look and feel a lot better hands on.

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