Call of Duty Exclusive DLC Will End With Microsoft Activision Deal

Microsoft CEO Phil Spencer has revealed exclusive DLC and content for Call of Duty will end if the Microsoft-Activision deal goes through. Spencer also reiterated that the franchise would continue to be released on PlayStation consoles, as well as making future appearances on Nintendo Switch and other new platforms.

Spencer wants Call of Duty content to be “like Minecraft”
Spencer flatly denies there will be exclusive Call of Duty DLC, content or access to modes like Warzone on Xbox, or any other platform for that matter. Spencer told Xbox On that the game will be “absolutely the best version of Call of Duty for any player on any of those platforms.” Discussing the strategies of two other games, he said that while things like the PlayStation-exclusive Hogwarts Legacy mission is “part of the industry”, it’s “not the game we’re trying to play here”. On the other hand, if players decide to play Minecraft on PlayStation, they’re not getting a “lesser experience” when not playing the game on Xbox because there is content parity.

Microsoft wants Call of Duty to be “a little bit like Minecraft” where they increase the number of places to play the game and then increase the player base as a result. The proposed 10-year deal to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation because “you don’t make the game bigger by taking it away from anybody who’s playing today.”

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PlayStation gamers sweating bricks hoping that Microsoft doesn't treat them like Sony did us lol


good to know. everyone will be treated equally, as it should be


Hope Microsoft gives dbl weapon xp codes to everyone who has Microsoft products :)


i hope everyone will get " early access" then. instead of we all having to wait longer whahaha


Good no console should have exclusive dlc.

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