Sons of the Forest Devs Detail Plans for New Enemies, AI Improvements

Sons of the Forest is already a certified hit considering it sold millions of copies immediately after its early access launch, and whether they're new or old, players probably have tons of questions already about the game's future and what the full launch and beyond will bring. Developer Endnight Games seldomly talks about the game beyond the occasional tweet and sets of patch notes detailing what's changing, but we have at least now gotten answers to some of those more pressing questions thanks to a Q&A with the devs that was organized by the game's community.

Between the Discord and subreddits for Sons of the Forest, moderators and users who wanted questions answered put together a list of questions to send to Endnight. Most of the answers boil down to some variation of saying that there aren't concrete plans for a particular feature right now given that the game is only in early access, but we did get some reassurances about a few topics in particular.

For one, we know that Endnight has "big plans" for Kelvin and Virginia, the two companions that help you out in Sons of the Forest. For the former, he'll gain more tasks players can assign him as well as more intuition when it comes to building specific structures like walls around a base. For Virginia, Endnight hopes to make her braver when she's armed. She often runs away now, for example, even if you give her a weapon to defend herself and your settlement.

Another question touched on the variety of enemies in the game. When asked if there were plans to add more enemies, Endnight confirmed that there's at least one enemy type who didn't make the early access cutoff and will be added to the game later. Beyond that, the devs said they might add more enemies later including variations of existing ones.

Many of the questions asked about features here and there that players wanted to see with noncommittal answers given in response, but it seems as though one highly requested feature, the log sled, might make a return. When asked if it'd be brought back, Endnight said it didn't realize how much people liked the sled used to transport logs until players started asking for it so frequently. Endnight acknowledged that it was something players sorely missed, and while the devs didn't come out and say that it's being added back in the game, it's not a "no," and the request has not gone unnoticed.

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yeah, more of everything

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Yeah more bigger enemies need to be added fr

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