Starfield Will Utilize A Handy Control Function From Fallout 4

Eagle-eyed fans have noticed the "Favorites" menu system from Fallout 4 also appears in Starfield, as briefly shown in the background of a recent video from Bethesda.

While the highlight of the video was not on actual gameplay from Starfield, the background included a few employees playing the actual game. Some details of what's shown on screen are not focused on, but there is a clear moment when a cross-like menu briefly appears on-screen and allows the player to select a new weapon from a small list. This menu seems very similar to the favorites system from Fallout 4, through which players are able to assign their favorite weapons to different direction buttons on that menu, allowing them to quickly open it and switch weapons without going through the many menus of the Pip-Boy.

This recent trailer revealed more gameplay from Starfield and a few vague narrative elements that will leave fans guessing for the following months. Through the video, we are given a few brief looks through the studio, and a deeper dive will be coming June 11 during the upcoming Starfield Direct event, ahead of the game's planned release this September.

The menu is shown on the TV in the background starting at 2:16 of this video:

While the exact extent of how this menu will work in Starfield is unknown, it appears there will be some type of quick switch option for anyone not using a mouse and keyboard. The menu is formatted in the shape of a cross, which is a standard piece on most controllers, and it's still to be seen how this menu will work for PC players. Many different weapons have already been shown in Starfield's gameplay trailers, and this feature will help players always have quick access to their favorite gear.

Bethesda is now owned by Xbox, and Starfield will be released as an Xbox console exclusive while also coming to PC. Despite this exclusivity, Starfields director Todd Howard has come out to announce this has only benefited the development of the game.

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hope the added function make the game decent


This game just seems like a worse Fallout tbh


It was a necessary feature to add, opening the pip boy so often was quite a nuisance and detracted from combat immersion.
Also, I'm surprised there's no mention of the favorite system in Skyrim here....


Loved the controle function of fallout 4, hope they dont add random shizzle to it and break it

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