Halo Infinite Infection Mode Details and Gameplay Footage Leak

It's long been known that 343 Industries is working on a version of the fan-favorite game mode, Infection, which originally began as a custom game in Halo 2, and, recently, a leaker by the name of Unseen Halo uploaded a gameplay video of this mode's new iteration within Halo Infinite.

The video was swiftly taken down by Xbox, however, certain fans were quick enough to check it out and relay the most noteworthy details. Some voice lines, which were previously leaked, were heard in the video and thus confirmed to be real, and the character models matched a prior image (as seen above), which showed off how the infected Spartans would look.

Unseen Halo claimed on Twitter to have been given access to a build with the new Infection mode on it. He stated it was "worth the wait" and "the most fun game mode for Halo Infinite by far, even when playing alone with bots." In a follow-up tweet, he stated that Alpha Zombies will be coming back and that they will have shroud screen. He claimed that the other zombies "behave differently and can teleport" and that the last Spartan standing will get some sort of "Juggernaut" buff.

The first official confirmation that developer 343 Industries was working on an Infection mode actually came in the form of an accident. As reported by Games Radar, following the game's winter update in November 2022, fans became aware of two prototype modes within the game's files, Assault and, of course, Infection.

The modes were quickly pulled from the game, with the devs providing little explanation beyond the fact that it was an accident and that the modes "still [needed] plenty of work."

Infection works by having certain players start off as Infected. These players wield an infinite Energy Sword and have increased movement speed. When an infected player kills a regular Spartan, said Spartan becomes Infected, meaning they now join the opposite team and must attempt to hunt down the remaining Spartans. Given this recent leak, the mode may finally be dropping in Season 3, which is set to launch on March 7.

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glad they're making the game better play


Infected is so fun. Glad mw2 added it although it kinda sucks it's boring without perk specialists like in mw3

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