Nintendo Fuels Switch 2 Rumors by Shutting Down Leaker

Rumors regarding the Nintendo Switch's successor have started to circulate again, this time thanks to information shared on Reddit's Gaming Leaks and Rumors subreddit. Apparently, a prominent Chinese leaker that goes by the handle "Factory Uncle" was banned from a forum where they had been sharing leaks, and their thread shut down. Factory Uncle had gained a very strong reputation, sharing hardware leaks related to various Switch models that later proved accurate. A post by Factory Uncle seemed to hint at "Nintendo's Ninjas" making the request. This has led to speculation that the company is trying to clamp down on Nintendo Switch 2 leaks prior to a full reveal.

It's worth noting that Factory Uncle is not the same leaker that recently mentioned a more powerful Switch model would release at the end of this year. If Factory Uncle was shut down to clamp down on leaks, that could lend even more credibility to that rumor. Unfortunately, there's no way of knowing for sure, but if Nintendo really is planning to drop a new console at the end of 2023 or in early 2024, an announcement should come sometime before the end of the summer, in order to give retailers and fans time to prepare.

The Nintendo Switch released six years ago this week, and a new console from the company is an inevitability at some point. While Nintendo has kept quiet about the Switch successor, there are lots of little hints that things are starting to move forward at the company. Super Mario Odyssey is more than five years old at this point, and it seems odd that a new 3D Mario game hasn't been mentioned or addressed, even with The Super Mario Bros. Movie set to release in theaters next month. The majority of Nintendo platforms have released alongside a new Mario or Zelda game, and with Tears of the Kingdom coming in May, a new Mario game would be the perfect launch title for a new system!

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Niny, you are working on a Switch 2. don't hide the fact


It's already been known they were probably working in a a "switch 2"

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