Metroid Fusion Is Coming To Nintendo Switch Online Next Week

Nintendo has announced that another Game Boy Advanced title, Metroid Fusion, will be coming to Nintendo Switch Online on March 9. The addition marks the celebration of the Metroid Prime Remastered, which was released last month. Metroid Fusion will allow players to explore 2D Metroid titles as the interstellar bounty hunter, Samus Aran.

As seen in the announcement trailer below, Metroid Fusion gameplay slightly differs from other Metroid games involving a hostile planet. Instead, players in Metroid Fusion control Samus to explore a massive research station full of the X parasites. Throughout the mysterious planet SR388, Samus must overcome the parasite's threat before it attacks her and mimic her abilities. Survival will depend on her resilience throughout the journey and the number of power-ups she collects.

Metroid Fusion first hit the GBA in 2002 as a massive evolution of Super Metroid's 2D design. The game launched on the same day as Metroid Prime, and both games allowed players to unlock special features by interlinking. Fusion players unlocked an image gallery when they linked it with Prime, while Prime players unlocked a fusion suit for Samus after winning the game and linking to Fusion.

However, the recently announced Metroid Prime Remastered obviously lacks the Fusion Suit since Switch has no GBA connectivity option like those in the GameCube. But with Metroid Fusion coming to the GBA app for Nintendo Switch Online, Nintendo may consider carrying over the connectivity.

Either way, the upcoming Metroid Fusion addition makes all the mainline games in the series available on Switch. So, Metroid players who want to enjoy the Metroid series in order can start with Metroid on the NES, Metroid 2: Return of Samus on Game Boy, Super Metroid on SNES, and lastly Metroid Fusion and Metroid Dread on Switch.

Remember, you must be a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscriber to play Metroid Fusion and other Game Boy Advance games. This is the second tier of the paid online subscription.

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this game is going to be bigger than COD


When Nintendo gets cod all them games won't matter lol it'll just be fortnite and cod

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