Suicide Squad To Require Online Connection Even In Single-Player

After Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League's extended gameplay showcase at the recent State of Play, a FAQ page went up on its website, and this confirmed that an internet connection will be required at all times to play the game, even if you're opting to play by yourself (meaning no online co-op).

Rocksteady, the development studio, stated months ago that the game would be playable solo, a welcome confirmation given its clear inclination towards co-op. Many assumed this meant the game would be playable offline, but it's now clear Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is hopping on the controversial trend of making internet connection mandatory, even in single-player experiences.

Another big-budget title faced backlash for this less than a month ago, Redfall. Both games similarly feature 4-player co-op gameplay with four different characters to choose from, but, if you want to play the game by yourself, you'll still need to make sure your wi-fi is working.

It's possible that you're scratching your head as to why people are so upset about this. After all, if you have a next-gen console or gaming PC, it's supremely unlikely that you don't have a steady internet connection. But there are several potential issues that come with this. The one people tend to bring up most often is that the developer could shut the servers down years later and thus the game becomes unplayable. The devs could create an offline single-player skew at some point down the line, but there is no guarantee.

Furthermore, server issues, which are quite common with online games, especially during their launch window, could potentially hinder the experience of those who aren't even taking advantage of their online functionality.

Also, the game is available on PC, and portable PC gaming has been on the rise with the launch of Steam Deck. Though even before that, it was possible with gaming laptops. Finally, for international gamers in certain countries, a steady internet connection can be harder to assure.

There are various potential reasons why this decision was made for Suicide Squad. It's claimed that such a requirement can make pirating the game harder, though a one-time DRM check seems to work fine for games like Gotham Knights. Suicide Squad will have a Battle Pass that single-player players will have consistent access to, so it could be that this is the culprit at hand.

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I'm surprised most games are not like this already tbh


absolutely disgusted with this "require online connection for SP"



Yeah that is beyond silly. Also I don't think a SS game will do to good. Just make one about Harley then it might do well !


Frog This is enough to make me not buy a game. I didn't know that Redfall had the same situation. Bummer... I was considering getting it.

I agree.... Sometimes i don't understand why GDs do what they do


This is enough to make me not buy a game. I didn't know that Redfall had the same situation. Bummer... I was considering getting it.

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