Next Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Update is Coming at the End of April

The next Pokemon Scarlet and Violet update has been announced for the end of April. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players celebrated Pokemon Day 2023 with the announcement of new and exciting content. Some of this content is already available in the games thanks to update 1.2.0, but as is not uncommon in the gaming world, the update has been causing headaches.

The most notable problem is the bug corrupting Pokemon Scarlet and Violet saves, making the game experience stressful for players. Because of the bug, there are several reports of players losing their saves, no longer having access to progress with hundreds of hours of play, shiny Pokemon, and more. One can even find players afraid to start playing after the 1.2.0 update, and questions about whether "it is safe to return to the games."

Serebii reports that a new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet update is scheduled for late April, and is aimed at fixing some bugs. One of these bugs affected players who challenged Tera Raid Battles for Walking Wake or Iron Leaves, the new Gen 9 Paradox Pokemon, without downloading update 1.2.0. As a result, players got an egg and failed to capture the intended creature. The problem goes a bit further, and if the player keeps the egg in their party they will also be unable to participate in other Tera Raid Battles. To compensate for the problem a new Walking Wake and Iron Leaves event will be held at the same time as the update drops.

Regarding the problem of corrupted saves a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player offered a potential solution. Despite this, at the moment there is no information on whether the problem will be fixed in the April update. According to Serebii owner Joe Merrick, The Pokemon Company is aware of the problem, although the cause is still a mystery. Merrick also adds that other community members are trying to replicate the bug and have not been successful, indicating that developers will have a similar difficulty when investigating the issue.

The Pokemon world is in an interesting place, with new DLC coming for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and several new contents announced for other games in the franchise. Players had a bit of a rough time at the release of the Gen 9 games when Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were haunted by bugs and glitches. But the developers have been working constantly to make the proper fixes and improve the overall experience.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now for Nintendo Switch.

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hiope it sells well for them

games like this usually bring in the crowd anyways


Thought about buying a new switch just for this game


I have not bought the latest pokemon games yet. might give it a go soon


got the game for Christmas still need to play through it.

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