YouTuber Makes World's Largest 3DS

A YouTuber has built what he asserts is the world's largest 3DS that includes nearly all the console's exclusive features. Although the 3DS has been officially discontinued for years, it still has a passionate fanbase for its strong library and beloved design.

The 3DS released in 2011 when 3D viewing technology was reaching its peak in popularity, and gaming was no stranger to this trend. 3D technology had been implemented in gaming consoles such as the Nintendo Virtual Boy, PS3, and the GameCube which was once supposed to have a 3D LCD screen that would attach to the console. The 3DS made this technology a core part of its identity, and some 3DS games such as Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds stood out for taking advantage of the 3D display with popping visuals with plenty of depth.

One YouTuber named BigRig Creates kept the novelty of 3D in mind with his latest project. He has made the world's largest 3DS that comes complete with the handheld's unique features like microphone support, cameras, motion controls, and a separate touchscreen. He made the system with a McDonald's branded touchscreen table he previously used to make a large Nintendo DS console, now with a 3D TV attached to it in a clamshell design. It is similar in fashion to the world's biggest laptop made by YouTubers Evan and Katelyn. BigRig Creates uploaded a video on the building process which included finding a suitable 3D display, assembling accurate controls, and configuring the system's unique features to work with the Citra 3DS emulator.

While the design of BigRig Creates' large 3DS is fairly accurate to the original 3DS, it includes some additions to make it more practical to use, foremost among them being different input options. The system's large controls are fully functional, but BigRig Creates configured a Steam Deck app to function as a separate controller and touchscreen similar to another 3DS emulator on Steam Deck made by a different fan last year. BigRig Creates ended his video by testing multiple games including Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and Pokemon X, all of which ran well on the system.

The 3DS was Nintendo's biggest success story during the early 2010s following the discontinuation of the successful Nintendo DS. Although most Nintendo fans have since moved on to the Nintendo Switch, many are still holding onto their 3DS with great fondness. This is especially common today as many 3DS consoles are getting older and more susceptible to malfunctions either due to hardware failures or accidents such as the 3DS XL that got stuck in a recliner. While not everyone is able to make their own giant 3DS, the 3DS' popularity is not declining anytime soon.

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good for him on doing this

I wonder how much he would charge making more and selling them?


I expected it to be a lot bigger tbh lol


DS was trash many I don't know how people love Nintendo like that.

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