PlayStation 5 Pro Console Reportedly Releasing Late 2024

A new report from Insider Gaming suggests that Sony is working on a PlayStation 5 Pro console, which will reportedly release by late 2024. Further information on the report suggests Sony has no plans to release the PS6 until 2028.

It was previously reported that a new PlayStation 5 model with a detachable disc drive could release later this year, which is reportedly a completely separate model to the rumored PS5 Pro. Sources familiar with the subject also claimed that this model will phase out the original PlayStation 5 to address shipment and production issues.

Given the supply shortages the PlayStation 5 underwent following its launch in 2020, it makes sense that Sony will phase it out with a separate unit until the release of the PlayStation 6.

Given that Sony had previously released the PS4 Pro in 2016 - three years after the PS4 came out in 2013 - the new rumor shouldn't come as much of a surprise. However, fans should take this information with a pinch of salt until the official confirmation arrives.

As for how the PS5 Pro will differ compared to its predecessor, a new patent filed by PS architect Mark Cenry suggests that it will increase ray tracing capabilities. There are also assumptions that the upcoming model will improve speed and performance. However, there are no concrete details about the upgraded model at the time of writing.

Sony will apparently increase the manufacture of past-gen consoles to sell more units, as the company claimed that it expects a better FY23 for console units sold. There is a possibility that the PS4 Pro will be phased out by a new pro model in late 2024, considering the console market is stabilized due to chip shortages. Other than that, some interesting PS6 rumors have surfaced online, with one source claiming that Mark Cerny is attached to the project as the lead architect.

Sony also introduced new features with the recent PlayStation system update, which brought Discord integration and a simpler PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 save data migration and data transfer.

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They need to chill on upgrades and more nex gen crap.


I still don't have a PS5, so I'll wait til the pro comes out then LMAO


Pretty cool. I wonder if any PS5 exclusive games will come out with it.

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