Valheim Features 60 FPS Mode on Xbox Series X/S, 40 FPS Mode Planned

After having seen impressive success on PC ever since its early access launch on the platform a couple of years ago, Valheim has now also become available on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One in Game Preview. Of course, these being console versions of the game, they do have some specific features that weren’t needed on PC, including options for multiple graphics modes.

Speaking recently to Xbox Wire, developer Iron Gate Studio’s co-founder Henrik Törnqvist revealed that Valheim features two modes on Xbox Series X/S- a Quality Mode that runs at higher fidelity and 30 FPS, and a Performance Mode that knocks down the resolution while running at 60 FPS. Interestingly, the developer is also working on a Balanced Mode that will run at 40 FPS.

“It’s been rather easy to port to Xbox,” Törnqvist said. “The biggest challenge has been to make sure the network backend works and finding the right balance of visual settings. On Xbox Series X|S there will be different fidelity modes. On release it will be Quality (aiming at high fidelity at 30 FPS) and Performance (aiming at 60 FPS). We also aim to add the Balanced mode in one of the upcoming patches (aiming at 40 FPS, but higher Fidelity than Performance).”

In our early access review of Valheim in PC, we awarded it a score of 9/10, saying, “You don’t need to be as strong as a Viking to enjoy Valheim. However, having that strength and a few friends by your side might help you survive and navigate this fascinating yet unforgiving world.”

Valheim is available in early access on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. Iron Gate Studio has said it currently has no plans to bring the game to PlayStation or the Nintendo Switch.

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nice of them adding more modes


Honestly forgot about this title. All my friends played it so much on release it got annoying.

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