50 Cent Hints At His Involvement In GTA 6

American rapper 50 Cent has posted a cryptic GTA Vice City reference to his Instagram, hinting at his possible involvement in Grand Theft Auto 6. 50 Cent's reference to the supposed setting of Grand Theft Auto 6 and the use of familiar neon pink font akin to that in Vice City's definitive edition logo hints at a possible collaboration with Rockstar Games.

News about Grand Theft Auto 6 last hit fans' ears in September of 2022 during the massive gameplay leaks. Players received a glimpse at the upcoming open-world action-adventure game supposedly set in Vice City. So 50 Cent's suggestive image on Instagram has, of course, caused a stir among fans.

As seen above, 50 Cent doesn't reveal much, and only promises to provide more details later, leaving fans guessing. His involvement in Grand Theft Auto 6 could be similar to Dr Dre's VIP music contract mission in GTA Online. However, having been in a few games himself, fans are even speculating that 50 Cent could be joining the game as a playable character.

So far, the only confirmed details regarding the next Grand Theft Auto title are that it's actually in development. Following the huge leaks last year, Rockstar issued a statement confirming the footage was from an early build of the series' next entry. It's also in the public domain that the game will incorporate two leads traversing across the city of Bizzare, thanks to the massive leaks that have hit the game in the recent past.

It remains to be seen whether 50 Cent's post was a beacon of hope or another misquote about GTA 6. His involvement in several video games, films, and music means that any collaboration with the developer could be within those circles. Sure, the Instagram post may not have anything to do with Grand Theft Auto or even Rockstar Games, but the use of the game's logo is enough inspiration among players.

Until the rapper or studio reveals more official details, fans will have to continue speculating.

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shit musician and shit actor

give it up in da world 50 ffs


maybe this will release before we all turn 50


We can help make the story really good. Or maybe they're doing a gta series lol.

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