New Nintendo Switch Models Reportedly Planned For Release This Year

Nintendo's next generation of hardware could be released later this year, according to a leaker who accurately shared the name of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC and details regarding the Pokemon Present prior to it going live. The leaker claimed that the outsourcing team is working on a graphics patch for the new Nintendo Switch models set for a release in Winter 2023.

Yesterday's Pokemon Present had a number of new announcements for the popular franchise, with the spotlight being on the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC entitled 'The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero', which will be released in two parts. The first half of the expansion is due out in Fall 2023, while the second half will launch in Winter 2023.

The leak about the next piece of Nintendo hardware comes from a supposed programmer on the Pokemon series, who published the leak on 4chan. Although 4chan is often filled with fake information, this particular leak was verified by CentroLeaks on Twitter, a trusted source when it comes to all things Pokemon and Nintendo.

When focused on the last slither of the 4chan post shared and verified by Centro Leaks, this new document containing information about the mysterious hardware caught the attention of Nintendo fans. There remains a possibility that the leak is true, given the fact that the claims are tied to a single game. Other than that, it's too specific to have been guessed even for an insider who has been doing outsourced work for the Pokemon games.

Nintendo fans should still take this leak with a pinch of salt until the official confirmation arrives. Considering the leaker admits to having poor English, there is also room for misinterpretation. Although the programmer accurately predicted yesterday's Pokemon news a few days before the event, there is still no evidence to suggest that Nintendo will release its next handheld console this year. The phrase 'graphics patch for the new Nintendo models' could also refer to a revised version of the existing Switch hardware.

The rumor has fans split due to all of the information about the Pokemon Present shared a few days beforehand having been proven accurate. The last time we heard about the new Nintendo hardware was back in December 2022, when Digital Foundry's John Lineman said Nintendo had canceled plans for a mid-generation Switch upgrade.

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yeah, they certaily need to release a new model


The Switch is cool but ain't got nothing on the psp

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