Xbox Will Have "GoldenEye Type" Announcements Before June Showcase

In June, Xbox fans can look forward to the company's annual showcase, which is where fans can expect to see the company's biggest announcements for the rest of the year. Naturally, some Xbox fans can't help but wonder if there might be any announcements out of the company prior to that event. In a new interview with Xbox On, Xbox boss Phil Spencer teased that the company will have some smaller announcements to make over the next few months, but they'll mostly be on the level of the recent GoldenEye 007 drop.

"So, a lot of our focus right now is on the showcase in June, but there's some news that's coming out," said Spencer. "Like, you know, like we did the GoldenEye [announcement], I'm thinking like, you know, GoldenEye type announces. So, there'll be games available in different services. Obviously, the Game Pass portfolio continues to grow, but most of our focus as a team is really on getting ready for the showcase. We've got Redfall coming, we've got Minecraft Legends coming, we've got Starfield coming, we've got Forza coming. So, I love the fact that the portfolio's here and people are starting to play, and starting off the year with Hi-Fi [Rush] was so fantastic."

From Spencer's comments, it doesn't seem like Xbox fans should expect to see any major announcements between now and June. That's not necessarily a bad thing; as Spencer points out, Xbox fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming months! Some publishers reveal games too early, when there's a clear benefit to be had with smaller, shorter announcements. Hi-Fi Rush got a lot of positive attention because it got released on Game Pass without months of build-up and hype. It remains to be seen how Xbox's June showcase will turn out, but hopefully the publisher will have some good small announcements to fill the gap before it!

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just hope it's worth it before June's showcase ffs


They need some good game exclusive announcements lol

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