Hitman studio IO Interactive has announced it’s making an online RPG

Hitman maker IO Interactive has announced that’s it’s working on an online fantasy RPG.

Like its Hitman and James Bond projects, the game is in development across IO’s studios in Copenhagen, Malmö and Barcelona.

“We are building a new world, a new IP – an online fantasy RPG,” the company said on Tuesday. “A world and a game built from the core to entertain players and expand for many years to come.”

It added: “For many, this journey is also a deeply personal one that began long before we started making games for a living – and it started with the fantasy genre. From the ‘Fighting Fantasy’ books compelling you to choose your path, alone, against wizards, lizards, and thief kings. To the togetherness, camaraderie, agony, and delight found around the tabletop.

“For some it meant taking the role of a game master: Part storyteller, part AI opponent, part guide, part villain. For everyone around that table it meant creativity, imagination, building a world together, and a shared goal in creating a great game experience.

“This idea – that a diverse group of individuals with different skills and strengths can work together and become more than the sum of their parts – is what inspires us. It inspires the fantasy world we are building – and it inspires how we build it.”

In April 2021, Windows Central claimed that IO had teamed up with Microsoft to work on a new “dragon-themed IP” which the platform holder was expected to publish as a first-party Xbox exclusive.

IO is also currently working on an officially licensed James Bond game, with the working title Project 007.

Following a couple of delays, IO released Hitman 3’s Freelancer mode in January.

Introduced in a free update, the new single-player mode features roguelike elements, strategic planning and a customisable safehouse.

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all these online RPGs firing out lately


We need an open world type ish hitman game where you can start your own team up and stuff and build up your empire

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